Thursday, 15 September 2005

There's something in the autumn sets gypsy blood astir ...

A couple of months ago, another PG blogger asked the question 'why do we blog?', and I've been pondering that ever since. Consequently, the future of Amber and Amethyst is up in the air.
  • Many weeks, I've found myself staring at the 'create post' blank screen and thinking 'I really should post something' when my days were 'same ol' same ol' ' and I ended up writing trivial crap 'cuz I couldn't think of anything seriously constructive to say ... so why should I blog?
  • At heart, I am basically opposed to the concept of putting private thoughts out there in cyber-space, so I've never been totally comfortable blogging ... so why should I blog?
  • Crappy comments from strangers and junk mail (spam?) are ongoing and annoying problems with blogging ... so why should I keep a blog?
  • While I've been absent from the blogging world this past month or so, the majority of those near and dear to me kept in touch regularly anyhow ... so why should I blog?

On the other hand, I've "met" some very nice people via blogging, and there are some interesting blogs out there that I enjoy reading (when I have the time and computer access). Perhaps these questions merely stem from autumn restlessness ... or perhaps not.

QUESTION: why do YOU blog?

QUESTION: would YOU be terribly upset if I quit blogging?

(You'll have to e-mail your answers 'cuz I've got my comments turned off due to junk mail overload.)