Saturday, 24 March 2012

Is it? Can it be? Is it possibly ... ?

I don't want to say the word too loud (for fear of jinxing it!), but I think it might be ... SHHH! ... springThe air just has that feel.  Oh sure, we've had a psychotic weather week, from thawing and refreezing

Snow just starting to get slushy ...
Ignore the date stamp.
Mutter mutter ... stupid camera ...
to more thawing

The Big Thaw, Take 1.
The Great Lakes where storm drains are still frozen!

Road rash.
I managed to do a little personal research
on the general topic of
Roads are covered with (dangerous) gravel
where they are not hidden by The Great Lakes.
to a big dump of snow

Look at this!
The date stamp is right for a change!
and then the entire cycle all over again!

Dry and somewhat gravelly sidewalks today.
So far today, that is!
I was out and about wearing shoes instead of winter boots today.  That means it is going to either, (a) snow ten inches tonight, or (b) continue thawing and looking more and more like (SHHH!) spring.  Which do you think it will be????

I have been working on my multicoloured cardigan ...
Lots of colours!
... with Miss Boots help, of course ...

"Look!  These circular knitting needles mean there's
a HOLE IN THE MIDDLE of the knitting!
Just right for me to pop up through!"
... but, as usual, have been pulled away by a couple of other small projects.  My cardigan is currently on sleeve #2, so I'm getting closer to the home stretch with it.
In the meantime, here's a little teaser from one of my small projects:

What the heck is all this wooly loopy stuff???

And why am I taking the scissors to it???

I've been feeling a bit guilty because I'm not blogging as often as I intend to.  I've decided the reason is computer fatigue.  Please bear with me while I explain.  My work day is pretty much glued to my computer, so by the time evening or the weekend rolls around, I don't want to look at another computer monitor or laptop screen.  I don't even want to be in the same room with another piece of modern technology.  Well, except maybe my tea kettle!  After supper, I quite often think to myself "I should blog about ..." and then I think about the effort of booting up my laptop and how weary my eyes are from staring at my computer monitor most of the day.  So I go back to my tea and knitting instead.

I'm noticing a number of friends who were very active bloggers / Facebookers / texters, etc are doing a lot less of that sort of thing.  When I ask about it, I usually hear similar versions of my comuter fatigue theory.

Are we burning ourselves out with technology?  Do we need to return to hand-writing letters to communicate with friends and family?  What are YOUR thoughts on this???