Monday, 17 July 2006

A-Z Meme

I found this at my eldest daughter's blog, and thought it looked like fun. Try answering it yourself! Let us know if you do... (Leave a comment!)

A…If you were an ANIMAL, what would you be? I would be a bear, grizzly or black. I have been touched by bears in dreams during seriously low points in my life, and encountered real bears or bear images during times of distressing uncertainty. I connect bears with great strength and power, and am continually amazed by them.

B…BOOKS: What’s on your reading list? This past weekend I was doing some research on early 14th century textiles, and that kind of meandered into 14th century European political history. I can't remember titles off the top of my head, but my book bag was really heavy to drag home from the library.

C…COMPULSIVE about anything? I like my things in certain places, so if you pick up an object in my space, you better put it back exactly where you found it. That includes furniture, books and "knick-knacks", and especially every single thing in my kitchen.

D…DREAMS: Do you dream in color? Do you remember your dreams? Definately in colour and in vivid detail. I journal dreams ... great fun to read back over and compare to what's been going on in the day-to-day reality of my life. However, I have to do that journalling immediately upon waking. Once I get up and start moving, dreams are quickly forgotten.

E…EATING: What’s your usual snack? Lately I've been snacking on pumpernikel toast with honey.

F…A few of your FAVORITE things… Honeyed-almonds, books BOOKS BOOKS, chocolate and Coronation Street, dessert before dinner, 'fry-up' egg breakfasts, going to a good movie, hanging around the house in my jammies on rainy days, new (small, manual) kitchen gadgets, old books and craft or knitting patterns, old poetry that still rhymes, quaint little towns off the beaten path, taking cold showers on hot days, unusual people with unique stories, Venus figurines ... shall I go on?? (I have a lot of favourites ...)

G…GIGGLES! Who (or what) makes you laugh? Do you have a good sense of humor? People usually tell me I have a warped sense of humor. I laugh at myself a lot, especially at my own attempts to do things I can't do anymore. I laugh at serendipitous sights or experiences, and I laugh at people who take themselves too seriously.

H…major HOT button: Individuals who assume they are more important than others in line-ups, and instructors who assume their (impressive) credentials ensure all their students understand every word they say.

I…I am… me.

J… JOB: What’s your dream job? First cultural anthropologist to live among and study extra-terrestrial people after first contact (which is coming soon, dontcha know!).

K…Also KNOWN as: Aliases? Screen names? Nicknames? I was "Miki" once -- that involved a wig and ... oh, never mind! I was "Sadie" for a while. I have a group of friends who call me "Ducky" right now. My SCA persona is an "Emma".

L…I LOVE: see "F" above ... I love lots of things!

M…How do you feel about MEETING people? Do it all the time, or rarely? Parties or one-on-one? As a tutor, I meet new people all the time. That's ok, 'cuz our roles are somewhat pre-defined and our conversation has both structure and time-limits. Outside of tutoring, I'm very shy, and would rather stand up and talk to an audience of 500 than engage in one-on-one conversation with a stranger. That being said, my friends complain I have a "weirdo magnet" that attracts unusual strangers everywhere we go. As a result, I'm always meeting new people who strike up unique one-on-one conversations. I don't do parties, thank-you, unless there's damned good free food.

N…What’s the story of your NAME? Were you named after anyone? Gramma used to tell me my first name came from one of my Dad's "whores". (She insisted on calling me by my second name.) I don't know if there's any truth to that rumor. However, I do share the same first name with one of Gramma's southern cousins. Maybe she didn't realize that at the time? Or maybe there are family skeletons of which I am unaware?

O…OBSERVANT…What’s around you right now? What do you see? I'm in the campus library, second floor computer instruction lab. There is a row of books immediately in front me (E 183.8 to E 467.1) on dusty black metal shelves. There is a poster to my left that says "Exploring @ your library ... go beyond with our innovative technologies" (altho I can't imagine any innovative technologies here). There is a bank of large windows to my right, and the sky is full of ominous blue-black clouds. I think I'm the only person on this floor at the moment.

P…Who are the special PEOPLE in your life? ESL and literacy students are always very special in my life while I am tutoring them. I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to resolve language and communication hurdles, and I find myself reminded that my academic struggles are minor in comparison.

Q…Any little QUIRKS about yourself? Good Lord, where to begin??

R…What do you like to do for RECREATION? These days, I walk. I spend a lot of time in the books, or at the computer, so its nice to just get outside and walk. When I'm on city bus, I knit (usually socks) or do cross-stitch or something to pass the time.

S…Do you SING in the shower? In the car? For your friends? I can't sing anymore. But I sing in my mind all the time ... and it sounds great with that full symphony orchestra back-up ...

T…What’s at the top of your TO-DO list? Right at this moment, I have a list of "to-do's" connected to SCA garb and equipment on my desk. Right beside that is my assignment due dates for the two Political Science courses I'm taking this summer.

U…Any UNUSUAL experiences? See my answer to "Q", above.

V…VEGAS, Vienna, Venice…How far have you traveled? What’s your favorite city? Physically, I haven't travelled a lot. However, by reading, I'm your regular globe-trotter!

W…WINTER, spring, summer, fall…what’s your favorite season? What makes it special? Autumn! Definately autumn ... when the first frosts arrive and the air gets that hint of crispness that indicates winter is coming, and leaves turn such glorious colours, and you can smell ripe apples and grapes and pumpkins and harvested earth, and the new school year starts .. oh, yeah! That's Heaven!

X…EXes…things you don’t do anymore (but did, once)... I don't drive anymore. I don't wear high heels anymore.

Y…Any secret deep YEARNINGS? A PhD. Okay, that's not a SECRET anymore, is it?

Z…ZERO to ZENITH - Where are you in your life? Still growing? On an upward (or downward) curve? Just skating along? My Dad, who lived to a ripe old age, figured he had a good day when he learned one new thing. In keeping with his philosophy, I intend to keep growing until the day I die!

Friday, 7 July 2006


Just thought I'd share a new photo of me -- with a falling-down pony tail! It was taken on campus after a hard day of tutoring. Looks like it, too! I hate having my photo taken, but needed one for the Political Science courses I'm doing.

It's been so blasted hot here this past week, I've been really miserable. I HATE SUMMER HEAT! Darned good thing the air conditioning on campus is working again!