Friday, 8 July 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane ...

Infidel socks - the right one.
Apparently holding up both feet at the same time
is a feat I can no longer manage
without falling over!
(Oh damn!  The date is wrong on my camera again!)
... no, I'm not leaving on a jet plane, but if I were I might wear my new "Infidel" socks!  Actually, next week I'm treating myself to a week of "Staycation" ... a holiday at home.  No grand plans beyond a challenge to "do something tourist-y" at least once.  Hmm.  Will have to think on that.  I'll keep y'all posted!

It's been cool and rainy here, so my balcony garden is looking (mostly) quite luscious.

Look what "volunteered" to reappear this year!
These little beauties are one of my absolute favourites!

This is why MINT should be restrained in small pots!
Mint, anyone???

My BASIL needs to take lessons from the MINT!
Not even enough for one little batch of pesto!

SOMEBODY has been nibbling on the HOPS VINE!

AND NIBBLE ON MY ... er ... the ... er ...
... never mind ... I'll just go inside now ....

I really don't know what you're insinuating ...
I would certainly never nibble on the Hops Vine!
The Boots and I spend a lot of hours outside on the balcony.  However, this past week, she attempted something that might put an end to her unsupervised balcony time.  She was out there, and I was in the kitchen doing up supper dishes.  I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, glanced across our apartment to the balcony, and there was Mizz Bootz precariously performing a very wobbly tiptoe across the upper edge of the balcony railing

Our THIRD FLOOR balcony - summer 2010.
Mizz Bootz is an indoor kitty.  She has claws, but I keep her front claws trimmed short so she doesn't scratch things (especially me).  She does NOT have sufficient claws to dig into wood railings!  And it's a long fall down to the ground!

Anticipating a heart-wrenching SPLAT and picturing horrendous vet bills as the happiest possible outcome, I walked over as (not) calmly as humanly possible, lifted her down, and explained in a very (not) calm quiet voice the potential negative results of her trapeze ballet.  WTF?  Last summer, she was practically too chicken to even LOOK THROUGH the railing!

I want my chicken kitty back.

Next week's staycation might be very interesting!