Thursday, 21 April 2005


Another undergrad year is over and done, exams and all. I'm still waiting for one more final grade, but so far I've kept my (much-prided) A average, and even had another A+ added to the transcript. I've decided to take summer courses this year, as I'm getting really close to finishing (grad next year at this time ... keep your fingers crossed! ... if I can get the courses I need in Sept 2005 and Jan 2006).

The other morning, my roommate and I were pondering how eventful the past year has been ... not just in our personal/academic lives, but in the world in general. For example, we've had volcanic eruptions and a tsunami, and more recently, a change of popes. Our favourite soap opera (Coronation Street) has been pretty darned eventful, too! (If you don't watch this one, shame on you ... you SHOULD!)

All good things must come to an end, and roommates and I are all moving on. Only two of us will be back here in September (one being an international student, and one being a graduate student who has her course work done and will now be finishing her thesis at home). I'm moving down into PG proper (new phone # coming as soon as I'm organized, for those of you getting anxious 'cuz you can't reach me!). In a way, I'm dreading it. It has been OH SO NICE hearing nothing but the wind in the trees from my bedroom window. I haven't missed city traffic sounds one bit! Seeing the odd moose or two has been entertaining, except maybe for the surprise I got the day I exited the Library building just as a big moose tried to enter said building. In another way, I'm looking forward to it. I'll finally be able to explore more of PG, and even walk to Mass on Sunday! (I hear there's a craft store a couple of blocks away from where I'm moving . . . ) Living up here on campus has been very convenient, but at times felt a little isolated due to no late night/Sunday/holiday bus service.

So what are YOUR plans for the summer? Doing anything eventful? Going anywhere exciting? I may be on the move, but e-mail still works, so you've got no excuse for not e-mailing me!

Thursday, 14 April 2005


Watched this on DVD last night. Wished it was on the big screen. It was hard to remember this was an actor playing a role, as he seemed so incredibly immersed in the part. It also reminded me that I probably knew about GOOD music long before most of my age peers discovered the Beatles in the 60s.

Final exam week here. Brain on overload ... what more can I say?

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

What a week!

It was death watch x 2. First, Terry Schaivo. I found myself horrified to be one of probably thousands of voyeurs watching the hour by hour very public coverage of a private situation. My personal opinion is that too many folks tried to interfere where their interference was not warranted. (I have VERY firm beliefs when it comes to being kept alive artificially, and - to me - artificial includes tube feeding.) Second, the Pope. What can I say? I'm a Catholic convert, and not necessarily a very good one, but the connection to the Catholic church is strong and watching this wise and talented man about his travels over the last quarter century has been a big part of my evolving life as a Catholic. It's going to take a big person to come close to filling his shoes.