Monday, 24 May 2010

Has it really been THAT long?

I could begin by telling y'all that I've been awfully busy ... but that would sound like a pathetic excuse, so I won't. Here's some of the things I've been up to this past month. In no particular order:

*Launched a book. No, I didn't write it. I was just part of the editorial committee. However, I'm still very proud of it!
*Enjoyed an amazing weekend that involved one of these ... ... and lived to tell the tale as well as walk normally afterwards.

*Finished a Provincial training course and launched a brand new program at work.
(It was VERY hot that day ... notice the hair sweat-glued to my forehead!)

*Attended a gala as the organization I work for received an award of merit for contributions to our community. Of course, that was after spending the entire day madly sewing a dress to wear to the gala ... I was having a girly "I haven't got a thing to wear" day. I chose a nice cool linen, rather French looking red print on white. It was dastardly hot in the Civic Centre so was very grateful for my efforts. My internal thermostat is permanently stuck on hot, and 20 degree Celsius temperatures sure don't help!

*Wandered downtown for opening day of our local Farmers Market. We also have an indoors Farmers Market now ... across the street from this part ... that will be open year round. YAY! Notice a person wearing shorts in the above photo? This is the North. It takes very little sunshine for neon white legs to appear! I haven't braved shorts yet, but have been wearing capris and sandals. It is NOT a surprise to us Northerners to experience another snow storm a week after the above sunny day ...

The above photo was taken about 9:00 am on Friday May 22. Okay, the snow had started to melt away by that point ... but you can still see white stuff on the hill in the background.

*Undaunted by a little snowstorm, I got busy and got the balcony cleaned up for the summer and planted a few things ... Scarlet Runner Beans, Sweet Peas, some kitchen herbs. Miss Boots FINALLY got brave enough (with much coercion by L.) to explore the balcony ...
She is looking up at ...
(Sorry for the fuzzy photos ... taken through the screen.) Amazing that she is OUTSIDE and LOOKING UP AT these hummingbirds! The first two or three weeks of hummer activity had the poor kitty nearly knocking herself out doing back flips in order to run away from them ... and that was with a closed patio door between her and the hummers! I have a weird chicken ... er ... cat.

Now she's all "whaddya mean it's time to go INSIDE already are you nuts hu-mom???"
*I'm keeping a close eye on the weather forecast ...
... as I moved most of my houseplants out onto the balcony yesterday. Not to mention, I have some tender little flower shoots out there that I don't want frost-nipped! > So ... that's what I've been up to. What's happening with y'all? (I haven't done much blog READING lately either ... I've been a bad bloggy friend !) One more spring-in-the-North photo for y'all: