Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Summer's going fast ...

I haven't blogged for ages! I could list all kinds of excuses for my tardiness ... post-graduation blues, can't-find-a-job blues, busy with a new job, can't remember my blogger password (all true!) ... but you would probably just say 'yah, yah, yah, again with the long silence!' anyhow. So I won't. Won't list my excuses that is.

I haven't any new photos to put up. The last event that got photographed in my life was convocation, and y'all are probably tired of looking at my grad photo on my last post. (I'm not, but then I'm still busy patting myself on the back for actually finishing my degree!) I'll try to remedy the photo thing soon.

So where do I start to get y'all caught up? Hmm. I guess the biggest news is that I've found full-time work right here in PG (with a local non-profit organization), and will be sticking around here for awhile. (Ginny, we'll have to get together for a beer or a coffee or something!) The second biggest news is that I couldn't handle non-studenthood very long, and am now well into a semester of distance ed courses for a post-BA Business Admin certificate. I know, I'm a fool! I really MISSED assignments and due dates and all that academic stuff! However, one of my courses is Intro to Accounting, and -- for the record -- I REALLY HATE accounting! It's that whole numbers thing. Working with numbers is only good when counting knitting stitches or measuring ounces of chocolate! Fortunately, I only have to do one such course, so I'll mumble and grumble my way thru it.

On the creative and crafty front, I sewed like mad for the few weeks between grad and job. I was SO bored (and depressed)! I also crocheted an entire circular tablecloth (I was REALLY bored and depressed). Gryphon (the medieval cross-stitch project from forever ago) is coming along nicely. I think he's a bit over half finished now. My eyes get tired working on him. I need good light, but since it's summer, I tend to close my curtains to shut out the heat and end up shutting out good cross-stitching light in the process. Naturally, I turn to yet another project when I need a break from Gryphon, and that project is a knitted lace-weight shawl in some lovely merino and silk blend. The colour is called Aegean, and it reminds me of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, ONE knitting project is never enough, and I've got knitted socks happening on my way to and from work. One needs an easy craft something to keep one entertained while waiting for and riding on the bus, dontcha know.

Have y'all been watching CORONATION STREET this summer? Well! I can hardly wait to get up early Sunday mornings and find out what crisis is going to happen next on the Street! If you're a regular Corrie fan like me, you're probably still in mourning for, I say still in mourning for Fred Elliot. And if you're a regular Corrie fan like me, you're probably wondering when Charlie Stubbs is going to meet an appropriate demise! (And if you're not a fan, you don't know and don't care what I'm talking about!)

Hope y'all are enjoying your summer!