Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Squished Finger

Haven't been blogging regularly again, eh?  Shame on you! 


Oh ... I haven't been blogging regularly lately?

You're right.  Shame on me!

But I have an excuse ... I squished my right index finger with the heavy new bear-proof garbage dumpster lid outside my apartment building.  Do you know how hard it is to type without using your right index finger???  Take my word for it ... cuz I truly don't recommend squishing your finger with a dumpster lid!!! ... it's really challenging.  And worse than that ... I can't knit or crochet with the danged thing all battered and sticking straight out!
'Pre-squish', I was busy crocheting bunnies ...

... with floppy ears and fluffy tails.

Then I devoted a weekend to finishing these socks.
(A strange woman on the city bus handed me a
plastic bag one morning and said 'here, finish these
and you can have them, needle and all'.  She had
already knit one entire sock and was past the heel
on the second sock ... I guess she decided
knitting socks was not for her (to my benefit)!
Socks finished, and more bunnies to go, I foolishly decided to do a quick lick of housework and take the garbage out.  That's when I discovered the heavy new bear-proof garbage dumpster lid.

Le sigh dramatique.

Oh well ... last year about this time, Wildlife officials had to destroy a (hungry) young bear who kept 'shopping' at our dumpster, and that was very sad.  Better me with a squished finger than a dead bear!

So ... without THAT outlet, I had to find new ways to satisfy my creative urges.

I participated in a day-long roundtable with folks from
all over our province who are involved in front-line
care services for seniors ... it was held in the BEAUTIFUL
Administration building at our local university ...

... in the University Senate Chambers. 
I've never been beyond the carved Senate Chambers
doors before.
I read THIS book.
And I tried a couple of recipes ...
salad type things.
But I'm not impressed with the author's suggestions
to SNEAK beans into brownies and spaghetti ...
some foods just don't need extra beans!
However ... if you are interested in sneaking beans
into other (regular non-bean) foods, then
I recommend this book to read.

I read THIS book.
Fascinating yet disturbing.
I highly recommend it.

I am now reading THIS book.
I'm not very far into it, so will reserve judgment for now.

Getting a little tired of reading here, so ...

I got all gussied up
and had me an evening out.
NOTE TO SELF:  those red patent leather high heels HURT!
QUESTION TO SELF:  how did that happen?  Used to love
wearing them!
Another NOTE TO SELF:  do NOT take eyes off cat
when wearing dangly earrings with feathers in them!
 Meanwhile ...
"It was not me who put those nose prints
all over the bathroom mirror.
It was definately not me!
I do not get up on the bathroom counter
and talk to myself in the mirror.
No, I definately do not!
I am innocent!
See ... don't I look innocent?
DON'T I???"

Since this is such a boring post, here are some random thoughts that I have written down in a small notebook that I carry with me on the city bus.  You may or may not chuckle at some of them ...

1. Alarm clocks are self-inflicted torture.

2. Always leave a spare pair of boots at the office.

3. As a rule, people who use the express lane at the grocery store can’t count.

4. Bears like apples even when the apples are in a sturdy box in the carport.

5. Beetle-killed wood is really beautiful.

6. Brainstorming is best done with pen and paper.

7. Bugs bite.

8. Bus shelters were not designed by bus shelter users.

9. Chocolate is indeed an essential food group.

10. City transit buses are only good for the next connecting bus and bus drivers tell each other who is transferring.

11. City transit buses never run on statutory holidays / after 9 pm.

12. “Company dinner” with hunting friends does not mean moose meat will be on the menu.

13. Crows are humorous.

14. Don’t tell me your personal life story ... I don’t want to know!

15. Downtown PG stinks.

16. Downtown PGers care.

17. Every student should wait tables to learn people skills.

18. Everyone came from somewhere else.

19. Everyone in my building listens to CBC Radio.

20. Fabricland is only 0.1 hours away.

21. Formal wear is always optional at formal events.

22. I don’t “get” jogging.

23. I have come to terms with my roots.

24. I like nice pens.

25. Internet users outside the downtown core have dial-up service.

26. It’s a dry cold up here.

27. It’s not unusual to see people wearing sandals and winter jackets at the same time here in PG.

28. Local transit schedulers are not church-goers.

29. Lower BC Mainlanders have no idea about life beyond Hope BC.

30. Moose are much bigger than you think.

31. New underwear is too frequently an overlooked pleasure.

32. News is always bad news.

33. Northern BCers are very generous.

34. Northern BCers are very resourceful / creative.

35. Northern rivers are REALLY cold all summer long.

36. October is definitely too early to put up Christmas lights.

37. Offer free food and they shall come.

38. PGers leave everything to the last minute.

39. Shouldn’t the Tim Hortons Drive Thru sign say Tim Horton’s Drive Thru?

40. Summers may be short up here, but oh! The incredible gardens!

41. The same people who ask businesses to display their event posters in store front windows should return AFTER said event to take down their posters.

42. Thongs are great but you might experience chilly butt cheeks.

43. Trucks rule in city intersections.

44. Via Rail trains give me itchy feet.

45. Waiters always ask how your meal is when your mouth is full.

46. We have Dollar Giant, Dollar Store, Dollarama ... but their merchandise costs $1.25, $1.50, $2 ...

47. Wearing gloves is not eccentric.

48. White Zinfandel is great wine.

49. Why do they put gravy on your meat instead of on your mashed potatoes?

50. You can always talk about the weather.

So until next time, cheers from
LD with the squished finger.