Wednesday, 11 April 2007

April 2007

Well, one final exam done and one to go. Think about that statement. One final undergrad exam to go. Yes, that part of my life journey is pretty much over now. I'm finding this particular ending rather sad, and am not enjoying the goodbyes. Last week I endured a goodbye lunch, complete with gifts, certificates of recognition, and a soppy goodbye speech from my boss where I've been working on campus. I also endured my last Anthropology class (with a prof that I really admire and respect), complete with turning in my final undergrad term paper and more soppy goodbye speeches. (I was supposed to attend an Anth Club goodbye potluck dinner, but bailed out at the last minute ... enough of the bloody goodbyes already!) I'm having serious second thoughts about participating in Convocation now. I think I'll just move on to the next part of my life journey (whatever the heck that's going to be or wherever it's going to happen!) without further fanfare, and have the University mail my parchment to me. Then again, I've already purchased my mortorboard/cap ...

In a way, Convocation is going to be quite anticlimactic. The people to whom I'd most like to rub the fact that I've DONE IT --HA! YOU DIDN'T THINK I COULD AND I JUST PROVED YOU SO WRONG ! -- in their faces won't be there to hear me brag about my 4.0 GPA, and the people I'd most like to share the celebration with probably won't be there either. So why am I supposed to do the whole Convocation thing???

In retrospect, getting my BA has been quite a process. A LONG process -- I started high school upgrading back in 1995, and then progressed one college-level course at a time for ages. I've only been a full-time student since September of 2004. There's been a lot of tears (frustration, doubt, fear), amazing experiences (discovering my own capabilities, learning new things, making sense out of 'stuff', tutoring and thus watching others discover their capabilities), and incredible acquaintances. Some of those acquaintances finished their earthly journey ahead of schedule (You are missed so much, Sally!). Some acquaintances were brief but profound, and others have turned into amazing and comfortable friendships that will hopefully last distances and decades. I sure hope pursuing my MA will be equally as eventful. I've been accepted into grad programs at two different Universities in two different provinces at this point, and am still waiting to hear from two other programs. No, I haven't decided where to go yet. Stay tuned.

On the home front, I've started doing this weekly volunteer craft-teaching thing that's proving to be both challenging and fun. The first week, we made SLEEP MASKS. This proved a little too difficult (I tend to forget not everyone knows how to sew ...) for the participants, although the results were amazing. (Sorry, no photos this post ... I'll try to get them up soon). Since then, we've painted DOOHICKEY PEOPLE (people-shaped popsicle sticks), and made COLLAGE EASTER EGGS. Next week, we're going to do FOAMIE SUN VISORS. I saw an article about photo frames made from pop tins, and want to try that out over the weekend, as I noticed a big bin of used pop tins where I'm volunteering. Anyone have any other easy (and cheap!) craft ideas suitable for women and children to do together???
As for my own craft projects, I haven't done a darned thing lately! Gryphon and Tomato are both gathering dust, and my knitting has been relegated to a book shelf. Any down time this past month, I've flopped on the sofa and read. A friend gave me a Clive Cussler novel, ATLANTIS FOUND, and subsequently I've been on a Clive Cussler binge and read four more of his novels! If you like action and adventure, give him a read. He'll keep you turning pages! At the moment, I'm engrossed in an Agatha Christie mystery. I think this is totally called ESCAPE READING! It's not my usual fare at all.

Did you do anything special for Easter? I helped do a bit of yard work on the Saturday, as it was really warm and sunny here (for a change!) and made giant fruit and pasta salads for a BBQ. The first outdoor meal of 2007 ... I've been madly craving bbqed hotdogs ever since. I had good intentions for Sunday, late Mass and all that, but it turned into a Coronation Street catch-up and pyjama day instead! Monday meant back to the books in prep for today's exam.