Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards?

I didn't, but I was sure pleased to learn Joaquin and Reece won Golden Globe awards for their portrayals of Johnny Cash and June Carter in Walk the Line! Now bring on the Oscars!

So what's new with you? Been awhile, eh? What's been happening with me? Well . . .

I was absolutely WORN OUT at the end of last semester, and seriously asking myself why the heck I was doing this student thing. A month-long rest took care of that attitude, I'm happy to report! A month-long rest that included about a week in Vancouver between Christmas and New Year's ... I think the brief trip to a familiar place and visits with good friends was definately the most beneficial factor in resting and rejuvenating me! (Sadly, a week just wasn't long enough to visit with everybody I wanted to visit ... so if I missed connecting with you, belated Happy Holidays, and there'll be a next time!)

Now I'm back in classes again ... one more semester after this one and I will have finished my BA. (I've said that before, haven't I? Well, you don't always get the classes you want when you want them!) I should be thinking about what I'm going to do next, as in an MA program, but that's really hard to do when you're so focused on the course material at hand.

I joined a community choir last fall, but missed most of the fall singing due to a sore throat that just wouldn't leave me. I think that month-long rest helped with that as well! I'm back at choir practice, and preparing to sing the Missa Brevis and Ave Verum with the PG Symphony mid-March. Sure hope the throat holds out!

Not much else is new or different for me, except maybe joining a couple of book clubs. (I'm reading Wayson Choy's Jade Peony and Miriam Toew's A Complicated Kindness for upcoming book club meetings.) No knitting on the go at the moment ... I've been getting on the bus in the dark mornings, and darkness isn't very practical for knitting purposes! But I do have some lovely new sock yarn waiting ...

Keep warm everyone!