Friday, 10 June 2005

It's Friday!

What a week! I've been up to me oxters in a big final project (in lieu of a final exam - yay!) for my computer apps class, and putting in 14 hour days. I've even been sleeping sound right until my alarm clock rings in the morning, and I'm normally NEVER still asleep when its time for my alarm clock to ring! In fact, I only ever set my alarm when I know I'm pushing myself and getting overtired. Oh well, by this time next week, I can relax until the end of the next term.

One thing that amazes me about end-of-the-term stress: I don't eat, yet I never lose weight. What the ... ? I do coffee and toast in the morning, occasionally an egg or two, then keep going until I get home at night (starving), and usually way too tired for a substantial meal. Shouldn't I be getting skinnier???

I've been up to me oxters at work too (as a tutor) 'cuz everyone else has term papers and projects due at the same time as me. I've read a huge variety of writing this past week, from a University 101 essay to a graduate thesis -- life is sure never dull!

I'm taking this evening off to go see a movie -- more for the sanity break than the movie! Back to the books over the weekend in preparation for next weeks final exams. If you're doing anything exciting this weekend, think about me sitting at home conjugating and memorizing Spanish verbs (yo estudio, yo estudiando ...), okay? Adios!


Necy said...

Hmmm, you didn't say which movie you were seeing... Whatever it is - enjoy! Have a good weekend!

Ren said...

Hang in there gal, I have utmost confidence in you.

Lotsa hugs to make you smile.

Bananahead said...