Friday, 12 August 2005

Idiots, opinions, and movies, and more

Class has finished for the summer, so I was at home yesterday and supposed to be studying for next Monday's exam. This proved next door to impossible, as ANYTHING and EVERYTHING distracted me!

One major distraction was the radio - which I turned on to drown out other more distracting noises happening in my building. Several CBC newscasts and programs went on and on and on about new legislation upping criminal sentences for trafficking in crystal meth. Fine, I have no problem with that. I think crystal meth is a horrible and deadly drug and its destroying far too many brains and lives. However, some idiot law enforcement person commented that stiffer sentences had got rid of the heroin and cocaine trafficking problems! I very nearly fell off my chair. First, heroin and cocaine are still around, and if ya think not, ya need to open your eyes and ears! Second, fewer numbers of heroin and cocaine traffickers simply indicates the drug of choice has shifted overwhelmingly to crystal meth. (Again, open your eyes and ears! If I can see and hear stuff - and I lead a pretty boring life! - why can't you all???) Third, the problem of trafficking is never going to go away without addressing the social issues that lead to poverty, hopelessness and addictions in the first place! This current law enforcement attitude is also evident in PG's latest crackdown on prostitution. Hello! If there were no customers, prostitution wouldn't be a problem - y'all are picking on the wrong end of the issue!

Well! Who could study effectively after getting a bee in me bonnet over that!? While my blood pressure was still up, CBC just had to read some comments about the Bertuzzi reinstatement. More idiots! Why didn't you hockey officials just pat him on the back for being a "good boy" in the first place instead of wiffle-waffling around about suspension, etc for a year and a half!? Makes me ill!

So last night, I took myself out to a delightfully diverting movie, The Island. It was not at all what I expected - actually, I hadn't heard of it, so didn't know what to expect. I won't ruin it for you, but its about the issue of cloning, and it really makes you go hmmmmmmm! If you like thought-provoking movies, check it out!

So today, I'm on campus to study (as soon as I finish blogging and checking e-mails and stuff) WITHOUT distractions. I must make the most of today, 'cuz my exam is first thing Monday morning, and my plans for this weekend are the PGX! (When's the last time YOU watched a sheep-shearing demo, scarfed a hotdog, and turned your stomach inside out on a midway ride???) Have a good weekend all!

One more thought: hope you'll join me in 'hoisting a glass' this weekend to honour an old Canadian soldier and absolutely unique and delightful character. He was the last Victoria Cross recipient this country had left to salute. I think he would have appreciated the gesture - especially if the glass was hoisted by those of the feminine persuasion!

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Bananahead said...

Here, here on systemic social issues! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets a bee in her bonnet over that ... Have a good weekend :) and goodluck on your exam!