Tuesday, 30 May 2006

End of May update

This has been a frustrating month trying to find a summer course that doesn't get cancelled. Had I realized what a pain it would be, I would have made very different plans for the summer! However, the one course that I REALLY wanted is happening, so I'm off on

for a scenic bum-numbing 12 1/2 hour trip to

for a condensed Anthropology course / mini-vacation. Since I've never been to PR, I'm really looking forward it. I'm even looking forward to the train trip! I wonder if I'll find any interesting yarn or fabric shops while there . . .

Speaking of yarn and fabric, my knitting seems to have taken itself on its own vacation lately. I've been sewing like mad, tho. I've made heaps of Cabbage Patch doll clothes for my little friend C. I've also made a couple of summer outfits for myself, including a sleeveless dress . . . you would be totally shocked at the colourful floral prints I chose! Not at all my usual sombre monotones. Must be a new me! I had great fun making a machine-quilted bag for myself. It has 8 log-cabin squares, 4 on each side, the centres of which feature zany old ladies with hats and cats and knitting baskets. I used a couple of different knitting and sewing/quilting prints, and invented several hidden pockets inside for knitting needles, wallet, bus pass, etc. Then discovered the first time I used it that I hadn't thought of a cell-phone pocket! (Stupid cell phone rang, and I had to practically dive into the bag and swim thru contents to find it . . . ) The bag is big and roomy enough for a book bag plus craft project, and I've had numerous compliments on it so far ("It's so YOU!"). I just hope nobody looks too close at the machine quilting . . . I don't do straight lines very well!

Last week, I went to the UNBC Convocation. Wow! Next year, I'll FINALLY be one of these students:

Is it taking me FOREVER to get there or what!? It was a very L O O N N N G G G G ceremony (note to self: remember to take a cushion to sit on), but heart-warming watching friends and classmates as well as students I've tutored celebrating their achievements. It was particularly heart-warming to see L. reunited unexpectedly with her sister! (Congratulations, L.! -- I know you're down south reading this and missing PG already!)

So have you seen this yet?

I managed to see it opening night (having been smart enough -- for a change -- to buy my ticket first thing in the morning, not try to buy my ticket 5 minutes before showtime). I thought it was quite faithful to Dan Brown's book, altho I would like to have seen more of the final bits at Roslyn. The guy who plays the albino monk was some spooky. He appeared so unexpectedly in one scene that I jumped and sent popcorn flying up into my own face! As with the book, I came away thinking "hmmmm" because a lot of historical/hypothetical explanations appeared to make a lot of sense. What did you think?

Well, that's it for this post. I'll be away from the computer for a while, but promise a nice long post about my Prince Rupert adventure when I get back. In closing, I'll leave you all with this amusing thought (can you relate too?):

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Necy said...

Ha ha ha - I love that Garfield cartoon! I may swipe that for my desktop...

Your bag sounds awesome- I want one!

Have a fun Anthropology trip - my turn to be envious - I'd love to go on a train trip - even a 12 1/2 hour bum-numbing one!

Love, Necy