Monday, 7 July 2008


I had one. A vacation. Well ... a MINI vacation. Can't call it a REAL vacation if it's less than 10 days, right? Right. My dictionary defines a vacation as "a scheduled time of rest and relaxation from work", and except for it being too hot to sleep really well, I was definately resting and relaxing away from work!

In a couple of very short days, I managed to:
--gobble down my favourite Me 'N Ed's pizza (the "Gangster" ... whole wheat crust ... extra jalapenos ... YUM!) in the company of good friends, as well as enjoy the company of one special 4-legged furry friend! (If you're one of the good 2-legged human friends I didn't manage to call or see ... sorry! ... next trip, I promise!)
-Catch one Sunday service at a Church that feels like "home" ... and enjoy a piece of birthday cake with a special choir member!

-Travel in a manner unheard of here in PG!

-and feast my eyes on the mountains! I was raised in a valley. I miss mountains. I miss mountains a lot! I DREAM about these mountains ...
-check out at least one "old stomping ground" (which is ... sadly ... closed now)!
-and go shoe shopping! (Ronsonstocks ... $25! What a deal!)
I even managed all this relatively cheaply as I was able to take advantage of a WestJet seat sale ... $69 each way. Of course, the ACTUAL price was more than twice that amount thanks to the fuel surcharge and airport improvement levies and whatnots.
Sadly, it was all too short, and now it's back to work. I think I should do this vacation thing more often!

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Anonymous said...

Well shoe shopping I guess that justifies the trip. L.