Saturday, 18 October 2008

This and that

Has it really been that long since I posted something here? My goodness how time flies when you're having fun, or busy, or something!
It's been a glorious autumn here! Every single day I've thought the colours just could NOT be more spectacular, that I could die that very day knowing I had seen real beauty ... and then the next day, the colours were even MORE amazing! Sadly, most of those beautiful leaves are now on the ground.I was given a big box of apples recently. Their size made me laugh ... as you can see by the quarter in my hand next to one of the larger apples! ... we used to throw those little fellas on the ground in the Okanagan. They were, however, full of flavour. I made a bunch of plain apple jelly, and some blackberry-apple jelly (I had blackberries in the freezer from last year still), and a dozen or so pints of apple sauce. Best of all, the apples were FREE.The first pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls were successfully finished and Little Madam C. was delighted. She even proclaimed them "'thentic" ! I've got a second pair partially done now. Here they are in their bloomers, awaiting their new wigs and fall wardrobes.I made myself a half dozen bright and slightly wacky new aprons. Little Madam C. particularly likes this apron ... it has knitting chickens on it. She was trying to take a picture of the cookies we were baking together. I guess the knitting chickens distracted her when she was lining up this shot.Have you ever tried making french toast with buttermilk? I had buttermilk in the fridge for making muffins (I don't drink milk), and I wanted french toast for breakfast. Tasted fabulous! Reminded me of real San Francisco sourdough bread.The Canadian election results really annoyed me. Did it you? I came darned close to being one of the many Canadians who didn't vote ... not because I didn't care, but because there just wasn't a decent choice to vote for. I wanted to add a selection for "NONE OF THE ABOVE"!It's cold and windy here. My hair is having a rebellious day. I think some baking might be in order for the day. Or maybe putting my feet up in front of the fire place and knitting. Until next time ...

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The election results made me gurmpy too. {o(