Wednesday, 14 July 2010

10 Random Things About My Job

#1 - there is NO PARKING in front of my office this week.  Our City is replacing the old downtown underground infrastructure, so there is a trench deep enough to bury a large truck where the street used to be in front of our building.  Lots of big noisy machinery.  That rumbles.  And makes it nearly impossible to hear over the telephone.  And makes our floor vibrate.

#2 - Flash, the Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish, is our Head of Office Ambience & Security.  Flash took over from Rocco, the Betta.  Rocco retired to a nice little apartment on the other side of the City.  Flash is not impressed with all that rumbling vibrating machinery either.  He's even less impressed with the fact this is hu-mom was late with his breakfast today!

#3 - I work for a non-profit organization that serves community seniors.  Seniors are generally a cantankerous lot to work with.  Sometimes downright unfriendly.  Even nasty upon occasion.

#4 - I work for a non-profit organization that serves community seniors. Seniors are generally a very friendly and chatty lot.  With great stories to share.  Lots of great stories.  Like stories about horse logging.  So many great stories, that we are in the process of publishing a book of great stories by and about some of the seniors we work with.  I'm really looking forward to the book coming out!

#5 - My staff does not like to attend staff meetings.  They complain.  And pout.  And refuse to come.  I used to try to bribe them with donuts.  Now they're all on diets that exclude donuts. 

#6 - I bribe people with food quite often.  Especially when I want people to attend meetings.  I like meetings with food.  And over-achieving name tags.

#7 - There are never enough volunteers for our organization.  There are never enough volunteers in general.  Too many of our volunteers are reaching the age where they need our services, not to volunteer to help provide our services.  Today's youngsters just don't have the same commitment to volunteering.

#8 - The volunteers who do volunteer for our organization are fabulously generous with their time and energy!  Cheers to volunteers!  (This is Mr PG.  He stands at the entrance to our City to welcome visitors.  He is a giant wood man 'cuz our City was founded on forestry.)

#9 - Even though I have terrible balance and fall easily, presenting Falls Prevention Workshops is part of my job.  That might be the definition of irony.  About a year ago, I fell and broke my left arm.  I did several Falls Prevention Workshops while my arm was immobilized.  I told everyone that I had personally undertaken some highly technical research on the subject of seniors and falls.

#10 - Every August, part of my job is to encourage people to yodel in public.  On stage.  And seniors love it!  Sometimes I really love my job!

Have a great week, y'all!


sheri said...

Great entry...I'll come to one of your food looks good..
Have a great week,

Karen Deborah said...

I would love your job! and i want some of that food. Your hilarious how can they stay away? Wearing a paper plate name tag, were you hiding a big stain? Hee hee