Monday, 4 April 2011

One Year Anniversary!

I was looking back through journal entries over the weekend, and realized that Miss Boots and I have been together over one year now.  She came to live with me on March 3, 2010. 
Miss Boots was scared of everybody and everything at first.
Her previous human was hospitalized and kitty was locked up alone for a couple of months.  Consequently, she had some "digestive issues" in the early days, which have generally been cured with patience (feeding her one small spoon of food, waiting half an hour, then another small spoon full, and so on) and a no-grain kibble.  Unfortunately, she still vomits when she panics.  Ick.
She was too scared to go out onto the balcony at first.
Although she loved looking out the windows and "supervising" our back yard, there was NO WAY she would step onto the balcony.  Fortunately, our friend L. invited her out there one sunny May afternoon ... and since L. is superhero and deity and royalty rolled into mere mortal form (according to Boots), she has been undisputed Queen Of The Balcony ever since!
Keeping a sharp eye out for those pesky "helicopters" (hummingbirds) ... they have NO RIGHT buzzing MY balcony!

 Miss Boots is pretty much a "fair weather" kitty when it comes to the great outdoors.  She will brave the cold only if she can rush inside and immediately warm her paws on the unsuspecting hu-mom!

Not so fond of wet white stuff ... wait!  Is that a moose out there?  MOOSE MUST LEAVE MY BACK YARD!  GET OUTTA HERE MOOSE!!
Miss Boots is the BEST HELPER a quilter could ever ask for (but not so great in the knitting assistance department).

Nap testing for softness and comfort.

Is your bobbin threaded correctly?  Are you sewing that seam straight?  Can I chase thread now?

However, she is a bit of a kleptomaniac.  I think she has a thing about bling!
Typical morning "collection" under the dining room table ... pine cone, ball of wool, pen, earring, package of bias tape, assorted kitty toys ... What?  You expected me to SLEEP all night???

Nice Necklace!  MINE!  Necklace for kitty!
She has been known to "escape" our apartment in order to go hiss and yowl at the kitty in the apartment at the end of the hall ...
I'm coming to get you, Cookie The Cat!  I is the Boss Feline around here!
... and is clearly the world's messiest eater!

The remains of one kibble break ... almost as much on the placemat as in the bowl ... or the cat!
She can be playful ...
I is furry groceries ...

... and she can be grumpy ...
Keep pointing that camera at me and I'll demonstrate mad kitty bites hu-mom!

... and she can be curious ...

What doing?  Hmm?  Can I join in?  Is it Bootsy time now?
... and she can still surprise me when I'm least expecting it!

Oh hi.  I'm just up here inventorying your cow collection for you ... two cows ... two more cows ...
The vet figured Miss Boots to be about 3 or 4 years old when she came to live with me.  Since she's a rescue kitty, we have no idea when her actual birthday is.  What I can say FOR SURE is that my life is much richer for The Boots, and I hope she's part of my world for many more years!



sheri said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Miss Boots!!!
Had to laugh at her loot under the table..

Black Jack's Carol said...

Congratulations to Miss Boots for lucking into a mighty fine home! Lots of fun in these photos, but perhaps the "loot under the table" and the "cow inventory" made me smile the most:)

She-She said...

Miss Boots is lovely and obviously a true joy to you. I understand completely for both of my kitties are my heart.