Friday, 13 May 2011


 Wow, it's Friday already!  Sometimes the work week drags on and on and on and other times the work week just ZIPS by.  I know our office was extra busy this past week.

Away from work, I finished knitting the little sweater I was knitting, and got out Stanley the Button Jar to find appropriate buttons.

Stanley the Button jar is nearly full ...
a collection of 'this and that' buttons over many years.

Stanley the Button jar started life as a peanut butter jar.
He earned his name because he is holding a small Stanley Cup.
Yes, I am a part-time hockey fan!
Of course, I'm CANADJUN (eh?)!

Stanley did indeed contain several possible adequate sets of buttons ...
... 2 different yellows ...

... little pink hearts ...

... 2 different sizes and shades of plain pink ...

It was nice and bright and sunny when I made the button choice, so went with nice and bright and sunny yellow ...

Finished sweater for the Littlest Milk Maid (if #6 is a girl)!

The Boots thinks that's about enough knitting already.  Time to get back to quilting where she is actually allowed to "help"!
Let's use this seam marker and mark some 1/4 inch quilting seams ... I can help!
(Yes, I know it's not 2058/02/20 ...
I just haven't remembered to re-set the date on my camera yet!)

It's been absolutely BEAUTIFUL today, bright and sunny!  The bus driver told me this morning that we can expect 22 degrees C on Sunday!  Sure ... I'll be on a plane heading south and into the rain (provincial conference and AGM thing).  I really hope it's not one of those "yep, we had spring/summer one Sunday last May" events cuz I would really like to set up my balcony garden over the long weekend ahead.
Sunshine!  The backyard is greening up!
Those dead brown things in the foreground are the remains of last year's balcony flowers.
Miz Boots surveying the sunny backyard from the balcony.
She is very particular about WHO and WHAT trespasses in our backyard ...
Especially bears and moose!

So I passed another very important annual milestone this past week ...

Look, Ma!  Bare tootsies!
Monday May 8, 2011
... Annual Free The Tootsies Day!  Of course, Tuesday morning we had frost, and it rained both Wednesday and Thursday.  However, my not so little feet bravely and happily faced rain and frost in sandals.  I reach a point each spring when my feet SCREAM the need to be nekkid, and I.  Must.  Oblige.  We will not consider boots, socks or stockings again until October 1st.  Or 6 inches of snow.  Whichever comes first!

I'll be away from my computer for a few days, but back later next week with "tales from the Big City".  Have a great week y'all! 


Black Jack's Carol said...

My feet can relate to the "don't fence me in" phenomena! Unfortunately, I walk and bike so much that my knees demand support, and the not so little tootsies are forced to defer. Go nekkid as long as you can:)

Have a wonderful time in Vancouver! It's just a bit rainy right now, but the blooms are still gorgeous. If you think you might end up with spare time, and can get to Stanley Park or Yaletown, send an e-mail and I'll return the message with my phone number.

~~Silk said...

Hi. I just thought I'd let you know I found you today via "15 Minute Lunch" ( I read back to just before Easter, and added you to my Google Reader feeds. So, I'll be lurking, even if I rarely comment.

Very pretty baby sweater, by the way.