Monday, 28 January 2013

January almost gone . . .

Happy New Year!  Oh, and Merry Christmas ... cuz I was flat out with a nasty flu bug and didn't actually get around to saying that to anyone!  I missed over a week of work (unheard of for me!), and came back just in time to pack up and move our office.  While still at less than 80% energy ... that flu bug seriously did some damage!  One more day  in our old office ...
Empty walls ... echoey sounds ... which box was that in?
It's been a real pain trying to stay on top of things when MOST of our stuff is in the new office, but NOT ALL OF IT.  Makes us all wonder if we're coming or going!  But going we are ... one more day.  Will share adventures of settling into new space soon.  Cheers all!

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slj said...

Nice to hear from you..Sorry to hear you were hit with the bug..I know it has taken a lot of people some time to get over it..
Keep us posted when you get moved:)