Thursday, 14 February 2013

There's a Bear in my office ....

We have been fundraising for our very own mascot for 3 years or so now, and it finally arrived at our centre today.
It's a PAW!  A big furry bear paw!

All of us were like kids on Christmas morning as it came out of the shipping box!
As you can see, our new Conference Room is still under construction ... 2 x 4's and stuff on the floor!
One of our volunteers tried it on and wandered up and down the hallway giving everyone Valentine's Day "bear hugs".
Yours truly gets a bear hug.
But we won't be OFFICIALLY introducing it to the community until our official Grand Opening Celebration next month, so SHHH!  DON'T TELL ANYONE!

We also had lots of fun dreaming up possible wardrobe ideas for it.  So far, we have determined that it needs a pair of bib overalls as well as a tuxedo vest and bowtie (for when it's a "Grampaw"), and a zany floral apron and kerchief (for when it's a "Grammaw").  And then there are all those SEASONAL events ... like Valentine's Day (something with hearts), and St Patrick's Day (something with shamrocks), and hockey games and ... and ... and ... I have a feeling my sewing machine just found itself a new job! 

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Black Jack's Carol said...

Yes, I have a feeling your sewing machine will not suffer from neglect for a while :) How nice to get a hug from such a warm, cuddly mascot. Moving workspace, especially when it is still under construction (been there, done that) can be stressful, but it seems you have some fun-loving people around you. That makes all the difference. Happy Valentine's Day!