Thursday, 12 September 2013

Heavenly Tomatoes!

I was a bit late getting home last night, and hungry, and wanted supper in a hurry.  So I headed out to my balcony and picked the day's crop of little cherry tomatoes ... a good two big handfuls and this nearly the middle of September! ...
...brought them in and tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a few fresh oregano leaves.
 Popped them in the oven, but ... oops!!  Forgot the garlic!
 While the tomatoes and good stuff were baking at 400 degrees F, I put some water on to boil for pasta.  Once the pasta was cooked ... I used rigatoni ... the tomatoes had "exploded" and released their sweet goodness.
 I tossed that with my pasta and sprinkled on some fresh chopped basil.
Miss Boots and I had an unexpected visitor last night.  After supper dishes, I was in the "reading room" with a book, and Boots was in the "reading room" with me -- cuz we share those kind of special moments, don't you know -- scratching her chin on her hair brush.  All of a sudden, we both heard the sound of a cat eating kibble!  ANOTHER cat eating BOOTSY'S kibble!
I had left our balcony door open because it was a warm evening, and the kitty from two balconies down had come a'calling!  The only way she could have accessed our apartment was tiptoeing along balcony railings - 3 floors above the ground!  YIKES!  Poor Boots just stared with great big shocked eyes -- she couldn't figure out what to do!  I scooped the kitty and returned her down the hall to her rightful apartment / human. 
Made both Bootsy and I think about OTHER critters in our neighbourhood . . . . . .

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slj said...

What a yummy idea for dinner..I will have to try that..Although, I will have to buy my
I would have been afraid to go out to see what was eating...I guess it's safe to say that even living on an upper floor, you can't leave your screen door open..Silly kitty...
Have a great week-end,