Thursday, 17 March 2005


I must have too much time on my hands today, 'cuz I came up with a St Patty's Day Quiz -- and I haven't even had a (green) beer yet! See how many answers YOU know ...

1. St Patrick was a:
(a) Christian missionary
(b) botanist
(c) French monk

2. In addition to that, St Patrick is also said to have:
(a) discovered the medicinal properties of the clover leaf
(b) driven the snakes out of Ireland
(c) been a very talented harpist

3. Legend has it that St Patrick used the shamrock to represent:
(a) the coming of spring and reincarnation
(b) good luck
(c) the Holy Trinity

4. St Patrick is said to be buried at:
(a) Downpatrick, County Down, Ireland
(b) St Patrick's Cathedral, New York
(c) Patrickburough, County Derry

5. St Patrick is also credited with bringing ________ to Ireland:
(a) the recipe for corned beef and cabbage
(b) the Roman alphabet and Latin literature
(c) the Celtic harp

6. St Patrick was born in Ireland.
(a) true
(b) false

7. What day does St Patrick's Day comemorate?
(a) the day St Patrick was born
(b) the day St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland
(c) the day St Patrick died

8. How did St Patrick drive snakes out of Ireland?
(a) by playing a flute
(b) by banging a drum
(c) by feeding them shamrocks

9. Why is the colour green associated with St Patrick's Day?
(a) green represents the grain used to make Irish beer
(b) St Patrick wore a green hat
(c) green is the colour of spring and the shamrock

10. What should you do to someone who is not wearing green on St Patrick's Day?
(a) give them a pinch to remind them
(b) buy them a beer to quench their thirst
(c) cook them a potato to remind them

Well? How did you do? Oh -- you don't know for sure 'cuz I didn't give you the answers? Drop by tomorrow to find out!

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Bananahead said...

I don't wanna wait for tomorrow! I want them now :) How many people did you pinch today? I got a few! Happy St. Paddy's day :)