Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Another annoying survey

My daughters insist on sending me these stupd things every so often. I thought I'd post the latest one here. You might learn something about me that you never knew before!

What would your answers to be in each of these categories????

Thirteen random things that I like:
1. not listening to traffic noises when I'm trying to go to sleep
2. not hearing traffic noises when I first wake up
3. watching wildlife (of the 4 legged or winged variety, NOT the human kind)
4. knitting anything anywhere anytime
5. learning about other cultures
6. learning new languages or even a few words in an unfamiliar language
7. having creative ideas and creating new things
8. handling and smelling new yarns
9. the scent of a man
10. the scent of old books
11. reading pretty much anything anywhere anytime
12. watching clouds moving across the sky
13. intellectually stimulating conversations

Twelve movies that I liked:
1. Godfather I
2. Carlito's Way
3. Insomnia
4. The Milagros Beanfield Wars
5. Papillon
6. Dr Zhivago
7. Two Mules for Sister Sara
8. We're No Angels
9. Truly, Madly, Deeply
10. Com Agua Por Chocolat
11. Planet of the Apes (the original)
12. The Village

Eleven Bands/Artists that I enjoy listening to:
1. Johnny Cash
2. Willy Nelson
3. Waylon Jennings
4. Kris Kristofferson
5. The Highwaymen (Johnny, Willy, Waylon & Kris)
6. George Jones
7. Ron Hynes
8. Blu Hopkins
9. Marcel Gagnon
10. Chris de Burgh
11. Ian & Sylvia Tyson (before they split up -- that's going back a long ways -- they were an incredible Canadian duo!)

Ten books/magazines that I enjoy:
1. The Milagros Beanfield Wars
2. Papillon
3. Com Agua Por Chocolat
4. Les Miserables
5. Best Loved Poems of the American People (I don't have this book anymore but still wish I did)
6. Knitting Traditional Guernsey Sweaters
7. Anna Burda magazine (German or English edition)
8. National Geographic magazine
9. pretty much any ethnic recipe book or magazine
10. pretty much any craft magazine

Nine friends:
1. S. (cuz we go way back to before grade 1 and our friendship totally transcends time and space)
2. Too many too important to pick out only 8

Eight foods/drinks:
1. Cold clear water, straight up
2. Hot strong fresh black coffee
3. Hot strong fresh black coffee with a shot of something high-proof in it (and maybe some whipped cream and real shaved bitter chocolate on top)
4. a pint of absolutely ice cold beer (lately -- Sleeman's)
5. freshly brewed Earl Grey tea
6. real English-style fish & chips (haven't had any since last summer and I'm feeling totally bereft about this!)
7. spanakopita (made my way, like a casserole -- I made some last weekend.)
8. home-made vegetable soup served with home-made bread for dipping in the hot soup

Seven items worn daily:
1. glasses
2. earrings
3. rings
4. some kind of pony tail holder
5. jeans
6. some kind of teeshirt or top
7. hand lotion

Six things that annoy me:
1. socks
2. underwear
3. whiney people
4. people being noisy when I'm trying to be quiet
5. rap music
6. people who don't put things back where they got them from in the first place

Five things I touch daily:
1. my glasses
2. my hairbrush
3. my toothbrush
4. my feather pillow
5. a pen or writing implement

Four TV shows:
1. Coronation Street
2. The News
3. Star Trek (any incarnation, version, re-run, etc)
4. Iron Chef

Three Celebrities I have had a secret crush on:
1. Al Pacino
2. Edward James Olmas
3. Gordon Tootoosis

Two nicknames:
1 & 2. Like I'm going to tell you! Ha! Like I'm going to tell you! Ha!

One person of the opposite sex I could spend the rest of my life with:
1. Me but of the opposite sex!


Bananahead said...

Hahahaha ... glad we could annoy you! It's in our job description :)

Orion_skie said...

Spanakopita like a casserole? It sounds yummy.