Saturday, 4 February 2006

Brokeback Mountain

Saw it last night. Wow! It is a story of enduring love without being syrupy/sappy, and a sad story of hurtin' love without being overly melodramatic, and a narrative of a somewhat touchy subject (particularly in 'good 'ol boys' country) without being unnecessarily graphic. On top of that, damn fine scenery . . . and the 'Wyoming' scenery wasn't bad either. The Johnny Cash movie, Walk the Line, continues to be my favourite of the winter, but Brokeback Mountain deserves every one of its Oscar nominations. I highly recommend you go see it! (Check it out here: )

My first midterm is happening next Monday -- yikes! already! This is a busy semester (aren't they all?) but rather satisfying because 'stuff' is coming together. I can finally see why I studied all that horrible theory crap earlier, and even begin to apply some of it to contemporary topics. For example, one of my term papers is about literacy and social inequality (a topic of personal interest as I am a literacy tutor). Who knew ten years ago that anything those 'ol' dead white guys' (as in Marx, Weber, Durkheim, etc.) had to say would actually become relevant to something in my current world? Another of my term papers is about short people (also a topic of some personal interest, altho I'm not short myself) and social landscapes. I still haven't chosen a topic for the third paper -- which is for a Circumpolar Ethnography class. It has to have something to do with (a) people (alive or dead), and (b) the circumpolar north. How's that for exceedingly unlimited? Any suggestions? (besides the James Bay Cree, which practically EVERYONE wants to write about!)

In addition to literacy issues, I also work with ESL (English as a Second Language) students, and have recently volunteered for a Language Partner program here on campus. My 'buddy' is an International student from China, and so far I've really enjoyed hearing about China's Yunnan province and seeing photos of some very spectacular mountains. Did you know that area has more than 25 different ethnic minority groups? I didn't!

I must share this news: there's a new little person in my life: welcome to the world baby Andrea!

And now I must run. I have 4 hours to study for my midterm before our Language Partner program potluck & games evening.

Oh! I almost forgot! I have an entirely new perspective on the world this week . . . new glasses. Amazing the difference they make! (And amazing the cost of the blasted things . . . )

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