Sunday, 18 May 2008

Music, movies, and TV shows in my past

No, I haven't given up on Significant Doors. I've been writing, but that writing seems to always happen long hand because I'm somewhere without my laptop when the thoughts occur. And when thoughts occur, I must write them down or they are gone forever ... either my "rememberer" doesn't work as well as it used to, or my head is simply too full! One of these days, I'll sit down and transcribe long hand Significant Doors stories onto my blog. But not today.

I've been wandering down memory lane again this past week ... does that naturally happen more frequently with the passing years?

It all started with Green River. The lyrics. Waylon Jennings sang Green River in the movie Nashville Rebel. I saw the movie three times, and also bought the LP (that's vinyl for CD in case you're too young to remember LPs) and played it over and over and over and over and over. And over. Oh my, how I LOVED that LP! Especially Green River. It recently occurred to me that I no longer remembered all of the lyrics to Green River, so I went googling for them. Lo and behold, I came across a Youtube clip of a very young (and handsome ... did I mention HANDSOME?) Waylon Jennings singing Green River from the 1966 movie! (Click the box in the top right sidebar to see and hear it.) 1966. I started eighth grade that year. You remember grade 8, don't you? Budding hormones and burgeoning teenaged angst? Take a look at the clip ... is it any wonder I was temporarily SMITTEN with Waylon Jennings? Please note, it was only temporary. My heart absolutely belonged to the one and only Johnny Cash!
Wait a minute! Did anyone else notice any similarities? The "bad boy" look perhaps? The guitar? The Brylcreemed hair? (It was the 1960s ... just before the hippy years when we let it all hang out.) Those similarities got me thinking about other handsome fellas that made my young heart skip the odd beat ... such as Pernell Roberts.
If you were a Bonanza fan back between 1959 and 1965, you'll remember him as Adam Cartwright. Oh sure, YOU were probably all ga-ga over Michael Landon's character, Little Joe ... the cute and cuddly youngest motherless Cartwright brother. Not me. I watched Bonanza to see the prickly brooding dark-haired Cartwright, Adam. And they never showed enough of him!
One of my favourite Western TV programs back when TV was still new to my family, was High Chaparral. Do YOU remember High Chaparral? 1967 to 1970 or 1971, I think. If you do remember, YOU were probably ga-ga over Mark Slade's character, young Billy Blue ... the cute and cuddly youngest motherless Cannon family member. Not me. I watched High Chaparral to see that wonderfully darkly unpredictable Manolito Montoya, played by Henry Darrow! Frustrated the heck out of me when they insisted on giving Blue all those big story lines and not my (obviously much more picturesque and interesting) Manolito!
And then there was Henry Silva! Henry also appeared on High Chaparral a couple of times as a dangerous marauding Indian. Ooh, VERY dark-haired, prickly, brooding. YOU were probably ga-ga over the HEROES in innumerable movies and TV shows. Not me. I always watched for the appearance of the bad guy ... especially in Westerns. And Henry Silva played many positively EVIL bad guys!
So where am I going with this odd walk down memory lane? Nowhere in particular. Just thinking about the heroes of my youth, the music, movies, and TV shows. Just thought I'd share.

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