Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Tackle is lonely

From bad guys to religion to gold fish ... the unfolding story of my life! Always an adventure! And here's the latest ...

It almost brought tears to my eyes this morning when I sprinkled Tackle's favourite flakes across the water and then set the can down beside his tank. Tackle spotted the bright orange lid ... bright orange like his buddy Vido ... and promptly zipped across his tank and stared longingly at the lid.

"I know, little buddy, it's the same colour as Vido. I miss him too."

I think I heard a sad little fishy sigh. Or maybe the sigh came from me.

I either have to find a new tank-mate for Tackle ... Pleco's are not particularly sociable tank mates, and Chupa Chupa is especially anti-social! ... or find a nice outdoor pond where he can go swim with other gold fish. It just doesn't seem right to keep him in isolation. Even gold fish need friends!

And on a human note, who knew a person could get so attached to a darned gold fish?

Rest in Peace, Vido. And thank you for four and a half years of entertainment and good company.

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Bananahead said...

I got emotional when my fish died ... Especially when my beta committed suicide. I understand :)