Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Summer Sock Dilemna

I've been thinking about knitting socks. I haven't knitted socks for awhile. When I opened my May/June 2008 issue of Piecework, I found these lovely Lace Socks to Knit on page 34.I don't think I've ever knitted lace socks for an adult, so I thought to myself, I should knit those for me! But would I wear pastel pink lace socks? Would I even find pastel pink sock yarn buried in my yarn stash? Probably not, but I started digging through the bins (yes, my yarn stash is in wonderful big Rubbermaid bins with lids and on wheels, and yes, that's bins plural). I found natural white sock wool, but couldn't picture myself wearing WHITE lace socks. I'd feel like I was 8 and on my way to church. Then I found one ball of black sock wool, and one ball of shocking fuschia sock wool. (Oh my god, did I actually knit fuschia socks once upon a time?) Not enough of either to knit two lace socks, and still no pastel pink.

So I climbed back out of the stash bins and climbed into the book bins (yes, bins for books too ... I'm a yarn and book stasher). I found this book and promptly started trying to visualize black and fuschia socks, maybe a fair isle pattern.

I'd forgotten I had this book, and found all kinds of things I'd like to try ... but just wasn't in the black and fuschia frame of mind. Or the fair isle frame of mind.

So, back into the yarn bins. Way way WAY down into the yarn bins! And lo and behold, I found two untouched balls of Knit Picks Dancing! Enough to make an entire pair of socks.

I have no idea when or where I got this yarn, but no matter! It's 41% cotton, 39% wool, 13% nylon, and 7% elastic. Hmm. I'm not sure what THAT will feel like on my feet, but what the heck. The colours are kind of late summery, and I can picture those kinds of colours on my feet.
So on my way to work this morning (a couple of minutes waiting at the bus stop plus a 20 minute bus ride), I cast on the first sock and started knitting.
I knitted a bit more while at Book Club tonight, but the discussion got interesting, and I didn't get very far. (We were discussing Kit's Law by Donna Morrissey.)

Anyway, the summer sock dilemna is solved for the moment. I'd still like to knit those lace socks, and I just happen to recall seeing some brilliant sunshine yellow sock wool in one of our local yarn shops. Hmmm ...

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