Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Colourful Coffee Cups Continued

No recipe today. I ate leftovers. You DON'T want to know how to make leftovers, do you? However, I made some progress on my quilting project.First, I solved the lack of extra swirly-creamy fabric for side #4 of my squares by eeking out the tiny bit of swirly-creamy fabric I DID have combined with the plain mocha fabric. Made perfect sense to me! And doesn't look too bad either ... I'll just say that's how I planned it. Shh! Don't tell!
Second, I cut out a 7 1/2 inch square paper template, then used that to create smaller "tipsy" squares from my original large squares. Okay, I know you might think this is wasting fabric. It is ... BUT I already have an idea for using up the odd triangles created.
Here are the first six "tipsy" squares (laid out on my kitchen floor) beside six about-to-become-tipsy squares. I was just checking my paper template to make sure the first square on the right got "tipsy" in the right direction.
And here are all twelve 7 1/2 inch tipsy coffee cups. That's right. Twelve. I know, I had 24 colourful coffee cups to start with. I still have the other 12. I edited my "vision" along the way, and decided a coffee table runner would be more fun to create, and only needed 12 squares to do that. Now I have to decide what kind of border I want all around them. But not today!

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Anonymous said...

Isnt those bigger than your coffee table? {o>