Saturday, 10 January 2009

Carpets of Snow and Snowy Carpets and Carpets

These are my front steps right now:We have snow aplenty here right now. I am NOT a fan of shovelling snow, nor a fan of blowing snow, nor a fan of snow filtering down into my socks because the piles of snow I have to wade through are higher than my boots. However, I AM a big fan of the beauty of snow. The other night, I happened to have my camera with me, and snapped a few photos of snow on trees and bushes as I walked home.
It was a such a nice evening. No wind. The smell of wood smoke in the air. Only minus ten. And fluffy white snow carpeting everything. How can anyone possibly seriously dislike snow when it's this beautiful?

I have had another type of carpet happening at work this week. Here's our hallway, looking from the back of our building toward the front reception area. Notice the boring dull sad old carpet ....... and especially the worn areas repaired with duct tape ... and the worn duct tape repairs repaired with ... yes ... MORE duct tape. No amount of carpet cleaning is going to help this sad floor!Here is one of the kind young fellas from a local flooring company removing the old carpet.Oh my gosh! Our hallway looks better already!Here's a shot of the new carpet next to the old carpet ...... wow! What a difference! We were convinced we needed to have the entire place painted too, but this new carpet actually makes the walls (which are a pale shade of orchid-purplish-pinky something or other) look brighter. We might not have to paint! Well, at least not the entire place.
We are using this intrusion to our routine to DE-JUNK. Everyone should have one of those days at least once a year, don't you think? Each staff member ... and yours truly ... has been busy boxing up old but important files, shredding useless stuff, and deciding which pieces of extraneous furniture to donate elsewhere. The fun part is each person rearranging their own space. Amazing how different your own office looks when you move your desk to a different corner or different wall!
Stay tuned for pictures of MY office transformation ...


Anonymous said...

The snow is pretty but its too cold! Brr {o(

Anonymous said...

I bet you didnt shovel your own steps LOL. L.