Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy 2009!

Are the years speeding by faster, or is it just me? I swear Christmas 2007 was just a few weeks ago! Perhaps I feel this way because 2008 was very busy for me ... new responsibilities at work, starting graduate studies. Perhaps 2009 won't speed by at such a break-neck speed. I don't make New Year's resolutions (a guaranteed recipe for disappointments and guilt in my books!), but I do have every intention of slowing down and taking time to smell the roses this year!

But, of course, my success at slowing down and taking time to smell the roses remains to be seen. For the moment, I will share a little bit of my "crawl under a rock until the holiday fuss is over" vacation ... ten SNOWED IN days ...... getting to know one young fourteen pound cattus horribilis named Sylvester. Yes, that is a picture of the beast on top of the refrigerator! I finally put duct tape upside down on top of the refrigerator to dissuade him from jumping up there. He just doesn't take NO for an answer! (And you can certainly tell from his expression what he thought about being commanded to GET DOWN NOW !)

Sylvester also received MORE TOYS for Christmas than most human children!

Now ask me if he played with said new toys during the night?

Go ahead ... ask me!


He played "let's gallup around like a frisky Clydesdale then jump on LD while she's sleeping"!
Have you ever been jumped on in the middle of the night by a playful fourteen pound kitten? I don't recommend it ... especially when you're sound asleep!Sylvester is definately a brat cat, but he is gorgeous, and very very loveable ... especially when he's asleep! Aside from getting to know Sylvester ...
I spent lots of time relaxing and doing NOTHING. Well ... SORT OF nothing. I crocheted a bit (By the way, this is not me ... this is definately some stranger with way too many chins and a bad case of greasy bangs because she forgot to pack her shampoo!). And played crib. And drank wine. And drank some more wine. And played some more crib.
SNOWED IN, remember? Are you grasping the irony of that situation? I TRAVELLED FOR MANY HOURS SOUTH ... FROM UP HERE IN THE NORTH ... TO BE SNOWED IN!!!
All in all, I returned to work today refreshed, renewed, revigorated ... and just to prove it to my staff, I arrived at the office early enough this morning to make coffee, rearrange our lunch room, and post a list of chores for each person for the coming week.
My staff said they can't wait for my "crawl under a rock until the holiday fuss is over" two week-long vacation 2009 to start!


Miss Bliss said...

Happy 2009! Well, I do think the new year has arrived a bit too soon too. Unlike you, I had plenty of time to slow things down and smell the roses in 2008. BUT I think I took things a bit too far cos I rested for a good six months (and counting) and I'm not proud of it, sadly. Can't wait to bounce back and join the mad mad rush of working life :P

BTW, I think Sylvester is too cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you being mean to your staff this year? L.