Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Some photos

I'm up to my eyebrows in work this week ... the organization I work for is hosting a one-day Seniors Info Fair that takes MANY days planning and organizing ... so no time for witty stories or pictures of my balcony flowers or "Jack's Beanstalk". Instead, I'll leave you with ...... a photo from my very first summer vacation. Yes, the stamp on this photo says 1959. I'm ancient, remember! From left to right: Auntie Mae, Auntie Della, Uncle Ramie, and Grams Hattie. The little darlin' Uncle Ramie is holding is me. I'm also going to leave you with ...... a photo from my organization's Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon earlier this year. Where there is food, that's where you'll find Yours Truly! Don't you just LOVE my name tag? They were part of an ice-breaker game. Laters ...

1 comment:

sheri said...

I love looking at old photos..
LOL..I would have been 4 that year.
What a beautiful platter of goodies. and yes, I just love you name