Sunday, 2 August 2009

First of August Mysteries

Why is it so hot? Why has it been so hot for so many days in a row now? I've had four cold showers so far today ... and no, NOT to cool off any frisky thoughts ... just to COOL OFF! I've guzzled about 4.3 gallons of ice water so far today. And I'm STILL TOO HOT! Why do I hate summer heat so much? Here are some other mysteries I am pondering today ...Why do I get such a strong urge to create something with WOOL ... hot heavy wool ... in the hottest part of every summer? Is this urge part of some strange fibre disease? Here is the wool rug I just finished crocheting. It's very heavy, crocheted with double strands of 2 frogged wool sweaters plus all the little bits and pieces of different colours of leftover wool in my stash basket. (It does lay flat ... I had just thrown it down for the photo here and hadn't arranged it carefully.) Here's another mystery ... should I add a fringe to its outer edge? To fringe or not to fringe, that is the question! Here's another mystery I'm pondering ...Why has my herd of cows grown yet again? This little cow ... actually it looks a bit "bullish" to me ... front and centre arrived this past week. People, I do not want to collect more cows! There are two ... count them ... TWO cow cookie jars on this particular kitchen counter now. Even I can't eat that many cookies! (Quiet L.!) There are a couple dozen assorted cows in various other kitchen locations. That's enough already! If I were to choose a kitchen collectible myself, it would be roosters or sunflowers or lemons. (The giver of this latest cow is computer illiterate, so I know I'm not hurting her feelings by writing this.) I'm also wondering ...... what is the purpose of this latest cow? It seems it's meant to hold something. What? Here's another current mystery ...What is this flower? I thought it was a snapdragon. At least, it was AMONG the snapdragons at the garden centre. Its leaves, what few of them there are, look rather snapdragon-ish. It has heavy bunches of hollow bright yellow "grapes" with a slight lemon scent.It's very pretty, and looks wonderful in balcony flower pots, but WHAT IS IT? Here's yet another mystery I am pondering ...When do beans grow? I planted a pot of Scarlet Runner beans to make my visiting hummingbirds happy. This bean plant is now at shoulder height and still growing rapidly. It's shooting up 6 to 8 inches every day. I know this because I have marked and measured its progress. I sit out on balcony every evening and watch this bean plant, but I've never actually SEEN it growing. When does it grow? When I'm away at work? Or not looking?

Too many mysteries to ponder on such a hot day ... I think I'll go have another cold shower and another tall glass of ice water.


Anonymous said...

Quit thinking its too hot. Two cookie jars full of cookies? I'll be over later. L.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what that plant is either. Are you going to save some seeds for next year. {oP

nothisisnotablog said...

I really like the rug - fab colors! We had the cold weather here this last week - so it would have made a nice lap blanket while working on it.

I chuckle at your cows - they are like my roosters!