Tuesday, 20 October 2009

little boys and old men

I played "rent-a-gran" this past weekend ... not something I do very often as 5 year old and 2.75 year old energy is WAY too much energy for a relaxing weekend! However, the munchkins are fun (in their own LOUD and energetic way). The main goal of the weekend ... besides a break from munchkins for Mommy S. ... was to bake Halloween cookies. I'm the official cookie-baking rent-a-gran.Usually we make Ranger cookies (above) cuz the munchkins can put whatever combination of optional goodies they want in them ... choc chips, nuts, seeds, marshmallows, etc. However, this past weekend, we made plain sugar cookies and added licorice stick legs and raisin eyes to make SPIDERS (their choice).

Sorry, no pix. It was all I could manage to supervise munchkins without trying to take pix too!

Anyway, 'Baby Brother B.' has finally developed enough hand-eye coordination to roll out and flatten and decorate his own cookie dough creations. He was doing quite a decent job of it, but forgot the licorice stick legs part. His cookies were roundish blobs with raisin eyes. Consequently, his bossy big sister, 'Little Madam C.' ... with hands on hips and much eye-rolling attitude ... told him "you're so stupid! you can't do anything right! you FORGOT the legs!"

'Baby Brother B' continued placidly rolling out and flattening and decorating his own dough creations his own way and replied "my remember head is TWO!"

I don't think we ever need worry about this intelligent little guy being dominated by his domineering bossy big sister!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

On my way to work yesterday morning, I was greeted by three of the local downtown "characters" ... all aboriginal, a bit rough around the edges, sometimes somewhat less than sober, but always entertaining. Says the middle-aged fella: "you shoulda worn your trousers today, not that pretty dress, it's gonna rain real hard today."

The temperature was about minus one and it didn't look much like rain to me, so I asked him how he knew that. "Old Indian wisdom," he said, and then pointing to his elderly buddy, "he told me!"

I chuckled all day. That was a great start to a busy week!
I'll leave y'all with this cartoon that I received via email this morning ...

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