Sunday, 8 November 2009

Isn't it time for a holiday yet?

The past couple of weeks have been REALLY busy for me at work ... several major projects in the works and thus crucial grant proposals to write and multiple meetings to attend. One of our important community contacts walked into my office this past week, and for the life of me I couldn't imagine which project she was there to discuss! She must have wondered why I looked at her with such a blank duh expression. Throw in our Annual General Meeting along with the kick off of our annual Christmas Hampers Campaign and I feel like I'm doing this ...

... and ... YIKES! ... not very well! How do I know this, y'all ask? Because when I sit down for a few minutes I FALL ASLEEP! My body has developed its very own special way of addressing stress. Oh, and I kill alarm clocks ... yes, clockS plural ... they ring and I throw them and smash them into pieces without every waking up. It's most annoying! Especially when I have this book ...

... for 7 days! It was on the express shelves at our Public Library and I thought sure, no problem, I'll just whip through it over the weekend. Nyet. Nope. Didn't happen. (The naps were refreshing though.) Now I have four choices:
  1. return the book unfinished and never know what happens in the end.
  2. cheat and read the last few pages quick before returning the book.
  3. keep the book and pay $1 per day late charges until I'm finished.
  4. suck it up and buy the book so I can read it at my leisure.

Any advice????

I did deliberately book last Friday night off to attend our local Studio Fair, the BIG craft fair of the season in PG. It's the only craft fair I've attended so far, and will probably be the last one for this year too. I bought these ...

... a $6 pair of natural bees wax candles. They smell delicious. I REALLY wanted to buy a coffee table made by a local woodworker from beetle-killed pine.

In case y'all don't know, northwest Canada has been experiencing a very serious epidemic of Mountain Pine Beetle which is killing off pretty much every pine tree around. It's devastating the commercial lumber industry. Beetle-killed wood from those pine trees has a distinctive denim blue stain from whatever chemical process that happens as its being killed by the beetle. While the wood is useless for commercial export, some local entrepreneurs are cashing in on it and making small items that feature the blue stain. And it's GORGEOUS!

I've been thinking about buying a coffee table, and would love to own some pine-beetle wood. These felted coasters ...

... would look fab on it! But I wasn't willing to pay the craft fair price. Instead, I took the guy's business card and will call him after the holidays to see if I can negotiate a more reasonable price.

Studio Fair reminded me that I haven't been adequately pursuing the creative things that nourish my soul ... so many projects and so little time! I really need to address this problem.

On a brighter note, look what I discovered this week ...

... one of my Christmas cacti has opened its first flower. It has quite a few buds so will be a really pretty show in a few more weeks.


Bananahead said...

Buy the book ... I'm sure it will be worth it :) And you can always sell it after if you don't wanna keep it.

And I know who I get my alarm clock issues from :P I use my cell phone for the specific reason that I will not throw or smash it! The buttons on my real alarm clock don't work anymore and I give up on buying a new one.

I hope you get Remembrance Day off to relax (and read) and catch up on sleep.

sheri said...

I certainly understand not getting around to reading..Saturday I sat down with the Sunday paper from the previous two weeks.
Love the picture of you Christmas Cacti..I had one and loved when it would bloom..
Hope your week slows down a bit:)

Anonymous said...

How come you take pix of xmas cacti when you hate xmas. L.

Anonymous said...

Did you rearange your living room again? {o?

LDF said...

Banana: can't use my cell phone cuz it's ancient and doesn't hold a charge anymore, therefore not reliable.

Sheri: thanks, but there's no slow down in sight for a few more weeks.

L.: who says I hate xmas? Scrooge didn't HATE xmas, not really!

PP: yes I did rearrange it. You like? Makes it easier to sleep on my couch now ... come try it out at Xmas, 'kay?

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Okay, you've piqued my interest on the blue wood...must Google...C

sheri said...

Hope you had a wonderful day..
Hugs, Sheri