Sunday, 15 November 2009

Random Thoughts

I spent last weekend sitting at a Health Fair information booth ... yes, my work often involves "volunteering" my weekends ... and below is what I wrote while sitting there. I'm off this morning to yet another Health Fair booth today, this time at the University. Fortunately, this one is happening over two work days so I'll be able to enjoy the coming weekend in leisure. Well, except for the laundry and housework ...

So here I am sitting at a booth for the second day in a row. Why is it OTHER PEOPLE think it's a great idea for our organization to articipate in these comunity events ... but those OTHER PEOPLE never volunteer to actually sit at the booth??? S'okay ... two days volunteered time = two days off at a later date!

I WAS going to use my laptop for a looping PowerPoint presentation, but I got bored and decided to use it to entertain myself instead. Our booth is in the back northeast corner of the conference centre, and I have a great view of the main stage from where I sit. Can't hear a word above the general "buzz" of the crowd, but I can SEE the main stage. As I'm writing this, a fella in full chef's gear is demonstrating something or other. His sous chef looks a bit perplexed. They have both changed gloves a couple dozen times. Maybe it's a flu
prevention presentation and not about cooking???

To my delight, on my way to our booth this morning I learned about a local Organic Farm that DELIVERS boxes of fresh veggies! SIGN ME UP! SIGN ME UP! (Actually, I signed myself up while sitting here playing on my laptop!) $30 a week will bring a box of 12 to 14 different types of organically-grown veggies and 2 to 3 different types of organic fruits right to my kitchen every Thursday. The farm's booth had such a wonderful display ... exotic Blue Russian potatoes (purple on the inside), luscious emerald green Swiss Chard, gigantic cabbages and jars of sauerkraut ... I was seriously torn between drooling over and
fondling the veggies!

I was supposed to give a
Prevention of Elder Abuse & Neglect workshop at 10 am this morning. When I heard the schedule I said "you've got to be kidding! Who's going to coming to an Elder Abuse workshop at 10 am on a Sunday morning?" My words proved to be 100% prophetic ... I set up my workshop for exactly ZERO people, drank two cups of (very tasty) Chai Tea by myself, received a very nice thank you gift from the
organizers for going to the effort of being there, and came back to our booth. My advice to the organizers? DO NOT schedule workshops on heavy topics for 10 am Sunday morning!

To my immediate left from our booth is a booth promoting curbside residential recycling! This is a GREAT thing for this community ... but the service is not free ... $7.55 per month which I would happily pay but no service to apartment dwellers, clients have to live in individual HOUSES. Damn! Straight across from me is the Kidney Foundation booth. They are promoting organ donation, and have a bunch of bright-coloured teeshirts for sale that say RECYCLE YOURSELF. Hmm. Residential recycling and organ recycling. Could I be sensing a theme in this corner???

Next to the Kidney Foundation booth is a Pool & Spa booth. They have the world's smallest sauna on display ... only $149. My comment would be
"how do you spell C L A U S T R O P H O B I A"! Over in the other direction, I see Scouts Canada. Had a lovely chat with the Scouts District Commissioner who has only been in this community for a year.

Oh Good Lord! The chef has left the stage and now eight very slender and energetic young women in spandex are demonstrating something involving kicking and punching in time to extremely loud music. The time has come for me
to go find some lunch!


LDF said...

Sorry, no pix. Blogger won't let me post pix today!

sheri said...

LOL..well, if nothing else, you had some interesting booths near you..
The food does sound delicious. I am at the point that I can not buy food ahead of time. I never seem to get around to using it. I am back to buying things day by day. It's a pain, but less costly..
Hope you have a wonderful week-end,