Friday, 25 June 2010

Another week crawls to an end

Does that title sound weary?  I am, or rather my brain is.  I've been working on cleaning up and updating my work website.  It wouldn't be too bad, but we have a number of member organizations who each contribute multiple pages to our site.  Not a website-savvy person in the lot.  Yeah ... need I say more?

There's a big forest fire not far from here, and we've been under a bad air quality advisory all week.

This photo was taken about 7 am.  The horizon was pretty much obscured by smoke.  Earlier in the week, it was hard to breathe, especially when hurrying, and my eyes were really irritated.  I think there's been some progress on getting the fire under control now as it doesn't seem so bad.  Considering we have MILES AND MILES of dry pine-beetle killed trees up here, this type of event is no surprise.
My Scarlet Runner Beans are getting ready to run!  And seriously, they are not YELLOW!  The morning sun was shining through them when I took that picture.  They are very green and healthy ... honest!  I put up some cheap wood trellising behind them for them to climb on at one end of my patio.  At the other end of my patio, I put up the same trellising for my Sweet Peas to climb.  However ...
... SOMEBODY keeps eating those little climbing tendrils off the Sweet Peas!  That same somebody also likes to rub her whiskers on the Thyme, and sit with her face buried in the Rosemary just breathing in that delicious smell!  I thought she would be all over the Mint, but considering she has no interest in Catnip, I don't know why I thought that! 

I was going to post some pictures of my knitting ... the green cardigan I started in my bus trip to Kamloops is nearly finished ... but my camera is sitting on my desk at work.  Instead, I'll introduce you to Catarina del Sarto ...

... which I believe roughly translates to "Tailor's Kate", my (not so) witty attempt to play on words.  Catarina is going to become a fashionable little 16th century Venetian lady. I wanted to dabble with some medieval garb OUTSIDE OF my early 15th century medieval British persona ... yes, I'm into medieval recreation ... but didn't want to spend the money or time making me-sized clothing that I probably won't wear.  L wisely suggested clothing a doll (thank you, L!), and I agreed, so now I'm working on some needle lace to fancy up a linen chemise for Catarina.  Can't have the poor lady sitting around in immodest nakedness!  I'm hoping to construct a complete wardrobe for her that will be along the lines of this ...
...  Bacchiacca’s 1540 Portrait of a Woman with a Book of Music which resides in a Los Angeles, California Museum.  Part of the fun and challenge is doing the research in order to construct garments that are as historically accurate as possible.  Will keep you posted!

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Karen Deborah said...

Wow you are ambitious! That will be some project. That air would kill me! I'm already sick. I hope you don't have asthma. Your a brave woman to keep up with that feline of yours.

Black Jack's Carol said...

So many wonderful projects on the go!

I picture your cat blissfully absorbing those delectable aromas.

Hope the air clears up soon for you and for all the inhabitants of your part of the world.