Monday, 6 December 2010

Cleaning Cupboards and other Domestic Tasks

Once in awhile, you just gotta get in there and clean them cupboards.  The deciding factor was the jar of honey that lived on the counter beside my kitchen sink for two weeks because there was no room in the cupboard for it.  There was no room in the cupboard for it because the last two empty or almost empty jars of honey were still in the cupboard.  Sometimes it takes a while ... like two weeks ... for the annoyance factor to kick in and motivate me.


I found this ...

... FOUR bags of cornmeal!  Okay, in my own defense, the bag in the front is only used for the bottom of pizza crusts and artisan breads that I bake on my oven stone slab, so really it's only THREE bags of cornmeal.  I am NOT turning into Gramma!

Miss Boots proclaimed her boredom all the while I was cleaning.
Enough of the scrubby-cleany stuff already.
We play now kaythx!
She finally gave up on me and created her own entertainment.
It's a cloth grocery bag ... with a tail!
No, it's a BORED kitty playing hidden monster!
I also tackled the front entrance closet and the hall linen / "everything else that doesn't have an official home" closet. 

No, I did NOT find my Christmas ornament!  Not that I'm admitting in any way that the missing Christmas ornament had anything at all to do with the weekend cupboard/closet cleaning spree!

At the end of it all, I was left with this burning question ...

Your creative suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Cheers!


Karen Deborah said...

If anyone can do it you can! something knitted maybe?

Black Jack's Carol said...

True to form, I am late with Christmas wishes, but I hope you have been enjoying the holiday. The fact that you have four bags of cornmeal tells me that you are a great cook, and more organized than you think. When I begin to make something, I almost always have to run to the store first. As for the adorable Miss Boots looking up with those very bright eyes.. hm.. are you sure she was bored? Perhaps, she just wanted to help:) I look forward to following your life journey in 2011.