Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy 2011!

I've been enjoying a Christmas vacation, one of those stay at home kind of vacations ... what do they call them?  "Staycations"?  My last day of work was Christmas Eve, and I didn't go back to the office until today, January 3rd.  I very purposefully did NOT think about work ... and every time thoughts about work burbled up to surface, I firmly sent them packing!  I didn't even turn on my computer (so I wouldn't be tempted to check work-related email).  In fact, most days, I didn't get out of my jammies.  To tell y'all the truth, I could use another 10 days like that ... eat, nap, read, relax, knit, quilt, relax some more, eat some more, have another nap ... it was great!  And The Boots was thrilled to get pets and snuggles any time of the day!

I had decided on some nice mindless sock-knitting ...

Oh oh!  Broken knitting needle!  What to do?
... but before completing sock #1, one of my favourite double-pointed (bamboo size 2 mm) knitting needles snapped!  Yes, I still had 4 others, but knitting with 4 instead of 5 is just ... WRONG!  So I had to abandon sock knitting (until I can replace the broken bamboo needle).  So I decided to tackle a simple quilting project instead.
"Friendship Star" quilt block using bits of cutesy bright food-related fabrics.
Placemats.  I've had intentions of making a new set for myself for a while now.
Sewing the binding on a placemat.

Miss Boots, Chief Thread Inspector!
They turned out quite nice (I think) ...
Completed placemat on table.

Reverse side ... great foody expressions ... and NOT white (in case of spaghetti sauce)!
However, the placemats just didn't satisfy the "creating with wool" urge, so I dug out a crochet hook and hooked me up a new wool hat ...
Bright red Paton's Classic Wool

Finished hat.  Oops ... taking pix in the bathroom whilst wearing jammies!
... although I didn't need it today as it was only minus 5 degrees.  I'm sure there will be plenty of much colder mornings in the coming months!

So one partial sock, a set of placemats, and a hat took care of the first three days of my Christmas vacation.  Every time I tried to read, I fell asleep, so figured I'd better come up with another project to keep myself awake for the remainder of the week.  I had been contemplating this ...

"A Grateful Heart" sampler quilt (McCall's Quilting magazine, Winter 2009-10)
... and what better time to start?  Each "sample" block is representative of something the quilter is grateful for.  A contemplative way to end 2010, yes?  I completed the following blocks:
"Memories" block

"Grandmother's Fan" block

"Rail Fence" block

"Flower Basket" block ... oh oh!  Something's not right here ...

That's better!  (Note to self:  slow down!  be more patient!)

"Peace and Plenty" block

"Old School House" block
The only "rule" I set out for myself was to incorporate one BLUE fabric somewhere in each block.  I didn't think I had many bits of blue fabrics stashed ... but it's amazing what one finds in one's fabric stash!  As I stitched, I journalled about each block, what the pattern and fabrics made me think of, and what I am grateful for.  It's been a delightful exercise!  (I wish there were other amateur quilters out there who would do the same so we could share thoughts ...)

This is my new favourite quilting tool ...

Can you guess what it is???
All that Thread Inspecting fair wore out Miss Boots ...
"I'll just give this new quilt a trial run for 'nappability'!"
I suppose progress on this quilt will slow right down now that my Christmas break is over as I'm usually too pooped to get creative once I get home from work and get supper over with.

So that's how the holidays were spent in my humble home.  How were YOUR holidays???


Anonymous said...

You didnt say what you were grateful for with the different squares. {oP

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Miss Boots helping you sew. Will she have a block?

Jane said...

Hi, I'm visiting after seeing your comment on CITR. I love what you've been doing, and I'm fairly jealous over the hat! I love it:)