Monday, 20 June 2011

Golf Tournament, hunting and knitting

I survived.  No, I did not golf.  Golf is a totally pointless game so far as I am concerned.  My apologies to any golfers out there!  I was strictly in tournament organizing mode.  That made for a 12 hour day, a sunburn, and many many many mosquito and bug bites.  I am too old for 12 hour work days.  I am also not fond of sunburns and bug bites!  However, it looks like the tournament was a fundraising success, so I shall now quit my bitchin'!

On second thought, NO, I won't quit my bitchin' quite yet.  I came to the frustrating realization this past weekend that for the fifth Sunday in a row, I had to go hunting.  Some of you ladies know what I mean when I say "hunting" ...

'Hunting' tools ... tweezers and Oil of Olay ...
... "hunting" for those pesky obtrusive menopausal chin hairs!  I have generally considered myself blessed due to blonde and very scant body / facial hair.  Well!  Dang!  Those chin sprouters are like wicked wire!  Or maybe mutant boars' (sows'?) bristles!  I swear I tweezed out one that could have totally been utilized as a toothpick!  Gramma never warned me about THAT!  We.  Are.  Not.  Impressed.

We are, however, very impressed with this Austermann's "Royal" sock yarn ...
Geranium red!
It's a joy to knit, probably due to the 10% silk / 10% cashmere content.  Yes, I knitted at the Golf Course.  (What did you expect?  Wherever I go, my knitting goes too!)  Sock #1 done, Sock #2 started, and the little seedling geraniums in my balcony planters starting to bloom.

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~~Silk said...

I've found that no matter what kind of lighting or mirror you have, the absolute best place to go after chin hairs is outside. I go crazy when I can feel them, but can't see them.

Check this out:

If you don't trust links, Google "Vermont Country Store", visit there, and search for "Epislim". Perfect. Hurts like blue blazes the first time you use it because there are a lot of little hairs you can't see or feel, but after that, it's like tweezing, but much faster, easier, and surer. I use mine once every two weeks or so.