Wednesday, 1 February 2012

February 1, 2012

In case y'all haven't noticed, I have taken a wee blogging break.  Just couldn't think of anything to write ... actually sat and stared at an empty "New Post" screen several times over the past month and nothing happened.  So why is today different?  Who knows!  Maybe the weather has improved -- it was minus 40 for a while there -- and thus the creative juices are flowing better?  Maybe I was just recovering from our December Christmas hampers for low-income seniors rush at work?
About 160 hampers this past Christmas! 
Our office was WALL TO WALL hampers!

So how was your January?  Mine was very busy! 

At work, I'm adjusting to new work hours -- 4 days per week but longer days so no change in overall hours -- as well as supervising 2 practicum students.  I heart practicum students -- but bless their little pee-picking practicum souls, they do take up a big whack of my days!  However, both are incredibly gifted and both have fit in with our existing staff and routines really well. 

At home, I'm adjusting to new work hours -- that means I now have permanent 3 day weekends as I'm off Fridays.  I heart 3 day weekends -- although the first couple of weekends, I wasted the extra day at home by lounging about in my jammies!  My goal was to have one day per week to work on my Aromatherapy course.  I've only succeeded on using my Friday for that purpose once so far, so I had better pull up socks in that department!

I've been knitting like mad -- photos of my current project, a reversible wrap, coming soon (as soon as I break down and buy a new battery for my digital camera).  Miss Boots HEARTS the reversible wrap project big time as it's large enough to create a cozy napping place when on my lap. 

Yup, that lump under my knitting is kontented kitty.  She has NOT been impressed with our winter weather as both the cold and snow have kept her indoors and unable to survey/control her Queendom from our balcony. 

Did you know Miss Boots has very HAIRY feet? 

Is this normal???
I have to get my current knitting project finished real soon cuz I ordered myself a kit to knit this:
Twenty-two colours!  Yum!  The finished product might not look THAT curvaceous on moi, though.  You know what the interesting thing will be about this new project?  It's SEAMLESS ... that means it's knitted in one tubular piece without front or armhole openings ... that means there are STEEKS in my future!  Yikes -- taking a pair of scissors to my knitting!  I'll keep you posted -- hopefully with photos of all the gory details.


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Black Jack's Carol said...

Nice to have you back from the blogging break. I always enjoy the "voice" in your posts. Feels almost as though we're sitting down over a cup of something to catch up on the latest news. it impresses me no end that you can actually make a sweater like that. Always love updates on Miss Boots, and her hairy feet are adorable. What college/university are your practicum students with? Aromatherapy by correspondence?