Monday, 28 November 2011


This past Sunday being the closed Sunday to November 25th, I did my annual Christmas decorating!  Yes, I have posted about my annual decorating routine before . . . and I have been teased about how . . . shall we say . . . MINIMALIST my efforts are.  I must be having a good year, or something, cuz this year . . . I WENT ALL OUT!!!

So, FIRST . . . I slipped into something comfy.
This year's decorating ensemble included
pine-green velour
lounging pants.
(hmmm . . . who needs a pedicure here?)
 SECOND . . . something suitably seasonal in the CD player:
This year's selection by Johnny Reid.

It is important for you to know
that I ventured out in THIS weather
to buy this CD
specifically for THIS occasion!
(That's REALLY going all out!)
 THIRD . . . a wee snort of something festive:
Peppermint Schnapps + Raspberry Liqueuer . . .
tres festive!
 I think it's also important for y'all to know that when I started my current Christmas decorating routine, my little Norfolk Pine Tree was 4 1/2 inches tall.  It lived in a teacup-sized pot in a shallow window ledge.
That same Norfolk Pine Tree is now 30 inches tall
from the top of its 2 gallon sized pot!
 Therefore, there is more room for decorations now than in previous years.
Here it is . . . decorated for
Christmas 2011.
I use VERY light-weight
attached with
plastic hangers,
and NO lights.

Why put lights INSIDE
when they're already OUTSIDE
on the balcony railing?

And . . . of course . . .
the crowning glory . . .
the little beaded snowflake
the only decoration
on the little Norfolk Pine Tree!

Look who else got "dressed up"
for the occasion!
 Naturally, Miss Boots was VERY interested in all the action . . . although she isn't allowed festive beverages . . .
"Hey!  That's MY Christmas stocking!"

How come YOUR Christmas stocking
and mine doesn't???
I thought I was the Diva around here!?!?!"

"Never mind!
I remember last year's routine . . .
it was all "NO NO!" and
"BAD KITTY!" . . .
so I'll just retire to my rocking chair already!"
 Besides all the decorating (Seriously HARD WORK!) this past weekend, I also managed to finish most of the applique and decorative stitching on my Winter Partridge place mats.
Except the gold ring.
I was thinking about stitching that in
metallic gold.
What do you think???
 Next weekend, I should get the actual quilting bit started.

Did I tell you my adopted grandaughter got me SLIPPERS for my recent birthday?  I LOVE them . . . perfect to keep at the office so I don't have to wear winter boots all day!
Oh oh!
Sensing a problem here . . .

A couple of hours into the first day of duty
and my new slippers
(note the toes peeping through)
I shall have to salvage the penquins and attach them to a sturdier pair of slippers.  Every serious office manager should have Penguin Slippers to wear at work, right???


Bananahead said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps slippers at work! I hate having to wear boots in the office (hate wearing shoes really) ... I keep rubber soled & closed toed ones, so I'm still meeting work standards :)

slj said...

Your tree looks adorable..
I usually have a full routine for doing my Christmas decorations ..but I seem to be missing one thing, a wee snort of something that sounds as tasteful as peppermint schnapps and raspberry
I love how your place matts are turning out..such talent you have:)

Karen Deborah said...

what a charming post. your quilt is tres fab and metallic gold is just perfect. I'll take a schnapps!!!