Monday, 14 November 2011

More snow!!

We've got snow!
 I is HAPPY about snow!  Well, maybe NOT ecstatic about being trapped inside winter boots for the next six months ... but snow is sure purty!  This is what greeted us on the morning of Saturday November 5th:
 One of the first things I do in the morning is open the balcony door and breathe in some outdoor air while I check out the day's weather conditions.  Miss Boots generally uses this time to check out our back yard.
"Holy Crap!  That's a LOT of white stuff!"
 That particular morning, it didn't take more than a minute for Miss Boots to decide a nice cozy warm up under a blankie was preferable to bossing around the neighbour's dog!
"GO AWAY!  I iz warming my toez under here!"
 Funny thing ... she forgot all about her cold toes as soon as I mentioned MY breakfast menu!
"BACON?  Did you say BACON???"
 November 8th ... still snowing!
 November 11th ... a brief warm pause that started a bit of melting ...
Ice crystals! 
Oh oh!
Pretty on the shrubs ...
Not so pretty on the sidewalks!
... then more snow (on top of the icy layer)!   Am I boring you with my weather report?  How about the promised report on my trip to our newly opened Fabricland?

THESE buttons = necessary trip to Fabricland

Buttons for THIS sweater ...
now complete except for sleeves.
 HOLD EVERYTHING!!!  My adopted grandaughter announced her dolly 'Patty Matty' couldn't POSSIBLY face another single moment without an appropriate winter sweater!
Life in general on pause
while I crocheted this little number ...
complete with head band!
 There!  The child momentarily satisfied.  Now ... where was I?

Oh yes!  Fabricland!  While buying buttons, I just HAPPENED to buy a little bit of fabric ...
Not sure what I'm going to create with this.
Couldn't pass up these lifelike
veggie prints, could I?
 My friend Marianne entered a draw while we were at Fabricland (did I mention I took along an accomplice?), although I was so busy fondling fabrics that I didn't even notice the draw box and entry forms!  Marianne won this ...
A colourful tote
 Marianne doesn't quilt, so she gave the prize to me!  (Am I spoiled or what!?!?!?)
The goodies in the tote included
THIS bunch of fabrics
with a quilt pattern.

And THIS bunch of fabrics
with yet another quilt pattern.
 And a whole bunch of other little goodies.  I can't say that I care for either quilt pattern ... but LOOK AT ALL THOSE FABRIC PIECES!  The mind truly boggles!  There's enough fabric pieces there for a dozen or more creative ideas ...
My adopted grandaughter claimed this piece
for a dress for 'Patty Matty'
cuz 'Patty Matty' has aqua shoes
and 'you know it's next to impossible
to match aqua shoes, Nana!'
 Hmm.  That child isn't related to me genetically, but we sure have one thing in common ... buy those cute shoes first and THEN try to find a dress to wear with them!

Still snowing out there.  I'll leave you with one last snowy picture ...
... cuz there's something about dry rosehips
against white snow
that tickles my fancy!

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slj said...

Oh, that little sweater set is adorable..
Nice goodie bag..
We've had just a touch of snow..enough to stay on the ground, but only for a day:)