Thursday, 8 November 2012

My new best friend

So I have a new best friend. 

After considerable deliberation -- over a year's worth of careful thought, actually! -- I had arrived at a list of necessary qualities one's BF should have.  Armed with that list, I set out deliberately last week to find her. 

So what qualities would YOU look for if YOU were shopping for a new BF?  I had decided appearances wouldn't be everything ... but I wouldn't mind if she was ... well ... INTERESTING.  I had also decided that practicality and sensibility wouldn't be everything ... although anyone elevated to BF status HAD TO BE strong enough to be leaned on when really needed.  Finally, I had decided that a sense of humor ... even a bit of quirkiness ... was a definate asset.  AND I FOUND EXACTLY WHO I WAS LOOKING FOR!

Her name is Maide.

That's Irish Gaelic for "stick".  Of course, Maide is not just a stick ... she's my new BF!  My balance is not getting any better, and I'm tired of falling.  Isn't she a beauty?

I found her at our biggest local Christmas craft fair.  I also bought myself some lovely natural beeswax candles ...
They smell SO delicious!  (Okay, the glass of wine smelled ... er ... tasted pretty good too!)

DO NOT read this book by candlelight ...

... and it's probably best not to read it late at night or while you're alone either!  SPOOKY!  (Dean Koontz is very descriptive.)

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Black Jack's Carol said...

Maide is definitely interesting, and in my opinion, beautiful too. I hope she will take really good care of you, so that there will be no more falls. Scary books scare me so I may not be reading "77 Shadow Street" but would love you to tell me the good parts :)