Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I should post more regularly.

I should.  But I don't.  My bad!  I find I'm not terribly interested in computer time at home because so much of my work day is at my desk and computer.  In fact, I'm even seriously thinking about giving up my Internet service at home.  I use it so infrequently and it's gradually climbing up in price.  I could use those $ for more fun things (like more wool ... or dinner out ... or ...)  But when I start thinking like that, I remind myself that I don't own a television (by choice), and I don't subscribe to a newspaper (by choice) ... so if I discontinue my Internet service, am I turning into some kind of weird recluse?

Thoughts, anyone?

Speaking about computers, THIS is my current work computer desktop ...

NO, that's not Miss Boots ... but it certainly looks a lot like her, and I can totally "hear" her making the above comment!  (Thanks for the pic, Natalie!)

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