Monday, 17 June 2013

Come with me to my balcony ...

Good morning!  It's a fine sunny Monday morning.  My hu-mom is getting ready to go to work, so I thought I'd show you what's happening on my balcony. 
 Well, OUR balcony ... cuz I share it with my hu-mom.  When she's good.

This is my view when I look out from my living room.  It's sure nice to see green things growing!  My hu-mom tells me those big bushy things up high are radishes and that I won't like them.  She gets all bothered and excited when I jump up on the balcony railing to check them out, so I guess I'll let her think I don't like them.
 I REALLY like lettuce though!  Fortunately, it's growing down where I can help myself whenever I feel like it.  For a long time this spring, my hu-mom got excited about me eating the lettuce faster than it could grow, but now it's growing faster than either of us can eat it.  I'm not too wild about Rhonda and Rhoda the flamingo twins ... they whir their wings in the most annoying manner when I least expect it!
 Here are two more things I REALLY like ... peas and spinach!  My hu-mom stuck those plastic pole things in there to keep me from nibbling on the peas and spinach.  Ha!  They don't really stop me ... but don't tell her, ok?
 My hu-mom is all happy because her tomato plants have flowers.  I have no idea why she's happy about that ... I tasted one, and it was YUCK!
 She's also happy because her hot pepper plants have miniature peppers starting.  They are up high so I can't taste them.  Hmmm ... I wonder what hot peppers taste like?
 Earlier this morning, my hu-mom was sitting in her chair on my our balcony and doing her knitting.  She is knitting a fuschia sock.  I don't think it's for me.
 She told me that she is thinking about adding a fold-down cuff to hide the ribbing, but can't decide what kind of pattern to put on the cuff.  The pattern for this sock is her own design.  It didn't come out of a book.  (My hu-mom thinks she's rather clever when she invents her own design ... silly hu-mom!)
Maybe you bloggy readers have a pattern suggestion for her?  She really hates to have unfinished socks around cuz they tempt me.  What!?!?  Why wouldn't I play with unattended knitting?  Doesn't she realize I'm a CAT?

Enjoy your Monday!

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