Saturday, 21 May 2005

Exploring PG

This morning I walked a little farther than usual and discovered a Farmer's Market! There were empty ostrich egg shells and feathers (and I think ostrich sausage, but yuk no thanks), various stalls selling bannock, jams, home-made breads, lots of plants, fresh rhubarb and fiddleheads, and lots of beaded stuff and assorted crafts. All in all, a nice outing, altho I spent not one penny there. I had to catch the bus up the hill to the university (cuz there's no bus service Sundays or holidays here) to do some work on next weeks assignments; otherwise I would have explored the area around the Farmer's Market a little more. Next time!

So what do y'all think about Canadian politics this week??? Holy schmoley! Better than a soap opera or what? I (who am usually quite happily apolitical) am certainly with those who think our assorted governments should quit acting like children and get on with the job of governing our country!

I have to share a slightly spooky thing that happened to me this past week. One particular day, I found it necessary to share a table at meal time (I usually try to find a solitary corner somewhere). An older First Nations woman with a little girl were already seated there, and she smiled and indicated an empty seat across from them. I thanked her, and then made a special point to thank the little girl. She looked about three-ish, and cute as a button. I'm positive I've never seen either woman or little girl before.

Well, we ate our lunches and engaged in pleasant chit chat about nothing in particular. The little girl watched me very seriously, and when she finished eating, climbed down from her chair, came around the table, and put her arms around me. The gesture was very heartwarming! Little person hugs mean a lot to me, and often bring tears to my eyes -- I didn't hug my own kids enough when they were growing up, and now that I have grandchildren, I don't see them often enough to enjoy all the hugs I'd like to share.

But that's not the end of this story. Mid-hug, this little girl looked up at me and said something I couldn't understand. From her expression and tone, I gathered her words were very serious, and not wanting to disappoint (or look like an idiot to the youngster), I looked to the older lady for translation. Grandma informed me the little one had explained in their language: "I remember when you and me played together, when we were both small, and you weren't old then".

I was stunned! Did I know this little person in another life (I am a firm believer in many journeys for every soul)? If so, why did she recognize me, but I didn't recognize her? Where and when did we know each other? I've been puzzling over this all week. Ah, life does hold some interesting mysteries, doesn't it???

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anyone said...

I also believe that we have led other lives in the past. I have met someone before that I know, even though it is the first time I have met them. It's a strange feeling of connection, deja vu and another feeling I can't even describe.

Hey, I saw in your profile that you do spinning. Wheel or Spindle? I am desperately trying to learn to spin on a drop spindle, but just can't seem to grasp it. Any advice?