Monday, 9 May 2005

On carnations and mafioso fish ...

Since it was Mother's Day this past weekend, and I qualify, I took myself out for yummy sushi and a movie (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). It's really nice to be able to do that and not worry about missing the last bus up the hill to campus!

Someone tried to give me a carnation for Mother's Day after Mass on Sunday. Why do they do that? Maybe some people don't LIKE to celebrate the day? Maybe some people don't LIKE carnations? The gesture made me think about growing up in my hometown. Mother's Day weekend was always "Horseshow Weekend", and my dad and I both prefered spending the day at the horseshow rather than doing something with/for the mother person in our household. Needless to say, we weren't popular! After I had kids of my own, I had occasion to go back to my childhood church one Mother's Day (I cannot imagine why!), and was given a carnation. Grams got a carnation too, as did every mother/grandmother/female that morning. Grams GLARED at me all thru the service, and I just knew she was going to "discuss" horseshow weekends after (which she did, in great detail). Fascinating what little things like carnations can bring up, eh?

I have inherited a new hexagon-shaped tank for my fish. My "boys" ("Tony Soprano", "Tackle", and "Vido") are thrilled to have 2X more room to swim in, and way more active. (Vido particularly likes the fake lava dome.) However, the tank came with a "catch" ... two nasty little black mollies! They're so small, I figured my "boys" would just gulp them down for lunch and that would be that. However, the mollies are really feisty, and have been attacking the poor goldfish! (Do you know anything about mollies? Is that normal?) In keeping with their nasty behaviour and the general mafiaso-in-the-fish-tank theme, I've renamed the mollies "Rocco" and "Vinny". Let's hope Rocco and Vinny don't put a hit out on big fat Tony while I'm on campus!

Hey, I'm looking for a small, fairly easy quilting project that I can carry with me, and maybe stitch at while riding the bus or between classes. Any ideas anyone???


Squiggles said...

How about a quilt with a winnie the pooh or spongebob theme. Just a thought!

LDF said...

Hmmm ... Winnie the pooh I can picture 'cuz I've seen WTP fabrics. Can't say as I've seen Spongebob prints on fabrics tho. I'll have to check out my local fabric store! Thanks for the idea!