Monday, 25 July 2005

Great book! Great CD!

Have you read it? I've long been interested in Rosicrucians and Roslyn and conspiracies of like ilk. This is quite a fascinating read!

Have you heard any of this k.d. lang's CD? WOW! Don't be put off by the CD title -- its only religious in that each song is about the heavenly highs and hellish lows of love and written by Canadian song writers. I am truly blown away by her version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" -- I kept hitting my CD player's repeat button just to listen to that one song! Incredible lyrics combined with k.d.'s unique but Patsy Cline-ish emotional break/cry sound -- the expression WOW! scarcely begins to do it justice!

Quiet weekend. (How did that happen???) I wandered down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, totally undecided about wandering over to the Folk Festival because it rained really hard Friday evening, and looked suspiciously like more of the same for Saturday. In the end, I didn't do Folk Fest . . . and it didn't rain! Wouldn't you know it! However, it was still a good music weekend, what with my new k.d. lang CD, and Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap on CBC Radio. His theme this past weekend was musicians who died before their time, from Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. What a walk down memory lane! I've decided I'm becoming a big fan of this radio program!

I did discover a new yarn shop close to the Farmer's Market ("Darlene's Handwovens" ??? -- I should have picked up a business card!). Sadly, I didn't have my wallet with me, as it was (safe) at home in my book bag! Of course, a return trip is now in order! Meanwhile, its back to geography class and working on my term paper!


LDF said...

Well! I've never had that happen before! I had a paragraph in this posting about "a current hot political issue" -- and it went missing! So I re-wrote and re-published the paragraph -- and its not there. Hmmm. Censorship???

Necy said...

I watched a tv show about that particular CD ... I rather enjoyed listening to her sing... BTW, I think it was a blogger glitch -I have your original post if you want it... I read your blog via RSS - so all your posts show up in my email when you post them.