Tuesday, 19 July 2005

R I P Tony Soprano . . .

He was the kingpin from the moment they moved into my neighbourhood last year. I suspect he was responsible for eliminating "Sardine Bob", and possibly even "Baits". Obvious criminal tendencies aside, he was a likeable and somewhat curious fellow. He barely survived a serious run in with the Molly brothers, Rocco and Vinny, earlier this year, but seemed to be the picture of his former health and vitality again. I was a little concerned when he moved back into the old neighbourhood last week, considering the Molly brothers had grown accustomed to being the ones in control of the 'hood, so I kept a close watch on all their comings and goings over the weekend. Things seemed peaceful . . . at least on the surface.

While I was away at the University yesterday, someone put a hit out on Tony Soprano, and he did not survive. I was shocked by the sad sight of his pale, lifeless body when I arrived back home at supper time.

There was evidence of cannibalism. I'll spare you the gory details.

I'm not sure who the perpetrators were. Those two Molly brothers, Rocco and Vinny, had a long-standing grudge, and have certainly demonstrated aggressive behaviour in the past. Altho Vido was Tony's smaller brother, he had been observed keeping close company with the Molly brothers. And then there's "Tackle" to consider . . . he's such a giant compared to everyone else in the neighbourhood, he could easily have taken care of Tony all on his own even tho they were close relatives. My investigation continues.

Private services for Tony Soprano were held at 7 pm last night in the upstairs bathroom. He will not be forgotten.

Tony Soprano, Goldfish. 2004 - 2005. Rest in Peace.


Bananahead said...

Sorry to hear about Tony Soprano ... I still haven't replaced my fish. I think I'm still in mourning :)

Necy said...

Poor Tony... Some fish can be so vicious ... I'm pretty certain it was a specific fish that killed Wee Froggie.

You're knitting a turtleneck? Post pictures!