Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Long weekend ... long LONG weekend!

I did more knitting than reading, but generally moped about my wee little closet-sized space and grumped about it being another loonnngggg weekend. Can you tell I don't much like long weekends??? Perhaps the rain didn't help! I skipped the fireworks 'cuz I was sure it was going to rain and the thought of more mosquito bites PLUS rain was not very appealing!

Complaints aside, I have to say I rather enjoyed Randy Bachman's new program on CBC, Vinyl Tap, although I didn't really think anything could replace Finkleman's" 45s. I knew he had my attention when I found myself laughing over how he tricked Little Richard into playing the piano in the key of Am! The selection of music was good, and it was rather fun listening to Bachman's version / other performers' versions of the same song. I for one will be tuning in again next Saturday evening.

Back to class this week, thankfully! I'm sad to report that the second level of Spanish was cancelled due to lake of students. (Dammit! I was really looking forward to more Espanol!) My Canadian Geography class looks like its going to be very interesting -- the focus is regionalism, a very important issue for all Canadians, methinks.

D. asked me over the weekend when I'm going to grow up and get a real job and start being a productive member of society again (I was before? Really? And I'm not now?). Hopefully never if it means I have to quit learning! Even if I get stressed at end of term / exam time, I really do enjoy studenthood. Let me ask you this, Darling D.: What is your definition of "productive member of society"? Isn't learning about yourself / your country / your world productive? And why should studenthood be limited to kids and 20-something year olds? Why should I say "okay I'm an adult now so I don't need to / can't learn anymore"? (Did you realize I was going to blog about this??? Did you realize I'm not going to let you forget this??? Did you realize other people might also have something to say about this???)

Anyone else have thoughts on mature university students???

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